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Dorm room that Mayumi and Chardenay share.

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Ki ❝The Book Scavenger❞ (kireebonds) Char walks in and scans her room, " I haven't shared a room ever since I saw my little sister." she thought. She hated not knowing things. "This is lonesome" she thought. "I will find my sister".

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Mayumi entered her dorm as she had her sword beside her. "I sometimes do not know why I always carry my sword. Everyone here in this warehouse are nice people. Maybe I always have problems finding friends," she sighed as she went to her bed and sat on it.

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Ki ❝The Book Scavenger❞ (kireebonds) Char walks back in to see her new roommate Mayumi. "Hi" she said, but it looked like she was in a serious thought over something, so she sat down and read a book she found in the library. Hooping to get an answer from her roommate.

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Mayumi jumped and fell off her bed. She fell on her sword and said one word. "Ouch," she mumbled as she got up from her bed and smiled at Char. She put her sword by the table and sat on her bed.

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