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Alek walked into the map room. He stood and observed the scene going on in front of him: chaos.

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Evalina was checking all of the horses for any problems, her Hawk was on her should.

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Alek walks over to Evalina and greets her with a salute. "Evalina, long time no see"

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She nodded some and salutes him back "Your right Alek."

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"Did you notice my new horse? His name is Darke" Alek said, grinning childishly, as he gestures to the pitch black Mongolian wild horse standing proudly.

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She nodded "He's fit for the war."

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((Sorry, had to go...Mum did't let me log off. Y'know? Sleep))

"He has an amazing personality" Alek says, beaming at Evalina.

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My eyes light up as I see Alek. Heart thudding I walk over. "Hi."

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She nodded "But the real question is, is he bomb proof?"

((K, do ya even know what bomb proof is? Well for horses?))

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((No idea. (: ))

Alek looks over and sees Lyeta, he grins like the Cheshire Cat.

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((It's when explosions and stuff like that doesn't bother them, they could stand their in the war and it won't bother them at all.))

Evalina nodded to Lyeta.

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((Oh cool. Like gundogs. With shooting.))
"What's up?"

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"Yeah, I'm sure he is" Alek smiled and turned to Lyeta "Nothing much, working on a treaty with Egypt..."

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((Yup, and they train them by shooting things that will be used in fighting and soon the horses will get use to it.))

"Just talking about horses." Evalina shrugged some.

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I smirk. "Why do you want to create a treaty with Egypt? Horses are cool."

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She nodded "That's why I take care of them, we could use their horse, Arabians are built for war and they could survive in Russia if we breed them with the right horse but that can take time which we don't have."

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"That's the problem. Time..." I look at my shoes.

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Alek feels a stab in his chest. He knows it can't work out between Lyeta and him, the age gap was just too big. "Egypt is a strong player in the war. So is Russia. Together they could win" Alek walks over and brushes Darke absentmindedly.

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She nodded "But we do have enough horses here for now."

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I nod. "We do." My eyes linger on Alek.

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Alek meets Lyeta's eyes. His heart melts. The only thing he could do was nod.

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Something within me breaks and I walk over to him. "Could I please have a, private, word with you?"

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Evalina looked at the two "I'll go." she left them and went to the horses.

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Alek nods, he looks down into Lyeta's eyes for a second, "Sure" He walks towards some the the big black Arabians on the other side of the stable.

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Evalina got her horse and rode around the horses some.

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I follow and wonder if what I was about to do was ok. As soon as we get into a covered area I push him against a wall and crush our lips together.

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Alek freezes momentarily. He lets his tongue run over her rough lips.

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They part and our tongues dance.

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Alek pushes her away quickly. "What are we doing?!"

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I turn away gasping. "I'm sorry."

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Alek takes her hand and pulls her back. In Russia that is frowned apon, but he didn't care. "Don't be" He whispers.

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I look up at him. My eyes wide. "I- I- Shouldn't have kissed you." I look down at my feet again.

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"I let you. I...I...Liked it" He looks at Darke and pats him lightly on the neck.

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I smile sadly. "I did too." I sigh. "I don't regret it." I frown. "I should though."

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"I should. You did nothing wrong"

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I stare at him, unable to take my eyes off of him.

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Alek stares back, hunger in his eyes.

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The hunger in his eyes sends soemthing zinging through me. I lean forward again but stop just before we kiss.

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Alek closes the gap. He pulls her into an embrace. He kisses her softly. He wasn't allowed to do this. If they found out he would be stripped of his title and be sent back to Siberia with nothing.

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I press my body against his and kiss him harder. Then I come to my senses and pull away. "I can't do this to you. You will get in more trouble than me. You will lose everything." I whisper.

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"Don't worry about me. I've had nothing before" He whispers softly.

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I walk over the other side. "No," I shake my head.

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"Really, it's worth it" Alek tried to keep his face calm, only his eyes show the desperation he has inside.

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I look into his eyes and my heart breaks. I can't jeapoardize his postition.

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Alek sees her face. The mask breaks and he sighs. "I can survive in Siberia. You don't really need much. It won't be bad..."

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"I would be fine wherever. But..." I trail off my chest hurting. Then I look back up, and stare into his eyes. "This is your life, like it's mine, but... You are so proud of where you are. I can't take that from you."

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Alek nodded. He was proud. "I'm vain too. That gets me no where, besides, I'll be prouder with you by my side" He says softly

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I smile at him but it falls to a sad expression quickly. "Thank you."

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