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MollyRena erin walked arownd the town

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Ji Mei  (jimei) Ma'at stood next to her window, gazing out over the city.

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I jogged in hands on my katanas ready for the slightest problem.

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Legacy stood still and straight as a board. She had heard a noise.

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Spotting Legacy I run over. "What's wrong?" I ask.

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"I heard a noise." Legacy said confused.

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"Where?" I was taut strung like the bow that was strapped to my back.

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Legacy shrugged. "Just a loud thud. Kinda like thunder.."

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"I'll have a look." I start to head off. "You coming?"

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"Yeah." ((GTG))

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Alek walked in cautiously. He looks around carefully. He knows one false move can mean death in another country's territory. "Excuse me" he says, not showing his emotions.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) Ma'at sighed from boredom, then grabbed her cloak and slipped outside. She walked calmly down the streets, taking in the sight of everyday life.

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I walk in and instantly spot the lithe shape of Ma'at. My heart flutters.

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Alek walks toward the guy who just ran in.

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My lips curl up in a sneer as the Russian came towards me.

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Alec holds up his hands in a peacful gesture. "Please, just here me out" He asks in perfect English.

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I revert to English. "Whatever. What are you doing here?"

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"Offering you a very important proposition" Alek remembers to talk in Arabic, even if only out of courtesy.

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I smirk at the bad Arabic. "Yes."

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"If you don't want to make the truce between some of the two strongest countries, suit yourself" Alek says in Arabic. He can speak it properly and can be understood. It doesn't have to be perfect. Then in Russian says "A$$hole"

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I roll my eyes. "I can speak Russian dippy." I say in Russian. "And yes I would like to make a truce but... I don't know whether I can trust you."

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"It's a two way street. Besides, something is looming. Something we don't know yet. I want my troops to be prepared" Alek answer back in Russian. This time it was his turn to smirk and bite his lip to stop from laughing at the cracked Russian. But quickly stops, he had self control. Unlike others .

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I raise my eyebrows. "Wait, so what's so big?" Reverting back to English the language we could both talk well.

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"That's the thing. We don't know. A truce with the other strongest country would be helpful" Alek sets his mouth in a grim line. "I am Marshal Alek Vladislav of the Russian Federation" He announces to the stranger.

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I roll my eyes. "Uh duh. I've heard of you. I knew who you were as soon as I saw you."

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Oakley wrote: ""Yeah." ((GTG))"

Legacy walked over to where she thought she had heard the noise. "It was over here. A few crates fell." she said.

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His eyes dart to the stranger talking about...crates? He can't help but break into a ruthless smile. He was and will, for a very long time at least be the youngest Marshal in the Russian Federation. "And yet, I don't know you?"

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I nod then look back and see Jason talking to the marshal guy. SHe shakes her haid and runs over. "Jason!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TALKING TO HIM!?

I look over startled at my sister. "Shit..."

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Alek feels his eyes go cold. But he keeps his face neutral. "And you are?"

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Legacy looked over and saw Maia's brother talking to a Russian.

((Haha, feels so funny saying that.))

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Alek feels more eyes upon him. He silently and carefully grinds his teeth just a little.

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"Just the woman that will destroy your armies." I snarl.

I lay a comforting arm on my sister. "This is, Maia So'ka. My sister. My name is Jason So'ka." I say knowing he will have heard of us. The famous fighting brother and sister.
((I KNOW! :D LOL!))

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Alek's eyebrows shoot up. He can't help but smile a little at Maia's arrogance. "Finally. We meet" He looks to Jason and Maia.

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Legacy walks up and joins the group, ready to knock out Maia if she tries to do something stupid..

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"Yes finally." I rest my hands on my twin katanas.

I stiffen at Maia's movement and grip her shoulder. "Don;t."

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I look over at Legacy and nod then look at Maia intently. Watching her for the slightest sign of quick action.

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Honor, a Russian solider warrior whatever, walks up.
((Legacy bores me a bit))

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Francois stiffens and ultra-subtly leans into a defensive stance. "Is this about the Ukraine thing?" Alek asks tensely. After hearing about Maia from Generals he knows she is unpredictable.

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I snarl seeing another Russian. "WHAT DID YOU BRING A WHOLE ARMY!?"

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Legacy grips Maia's wrist and twists it slightly. "Shut up." she whispered.

"Kinda. That's the point right?" Honor smirked.

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Alek gives a laugh. "A whole army? This is barely worth a raised eyebrow" Alek nods at Honor. And quickly greets him in Siberian.

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I look gratefully at Legacy.

I try to break out of her grip but an unable to. "LET GO OF ME! YOU! SHORTY! YOU COULDN'T LAST TEN SECONDS FIGHTING ME! SO DON'T TRY TO MAKE THREATS!" I scream.

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Legacy looks at Jason. 'Now?' she mouths.

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Francois wrote: "Alek gives a laugh. "A whole army? This is barely worth a raised eyebrow" Alek nods at Honor. And quickly greets him in Siberian."

((Greets HER in Siberian. Haha.))

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I nod. "Now." I mouth back.

I see the silent communication and jump away finally twisting out of Legacy's grasp. "FUCK YOU!"

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Legacy reaches forward, regains her control of Maia's arm and hits her on the head with her elbow. She didn't even feel the pain, but she felt bad about knocking her out.

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I black out but only for a moment. Waiting for my turn to get back at her.

I stiffen at seeing Maia hit but look back up at the Russians.

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