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Christina *Cantarella* Emily jogged up to the school in her baggy white hoodie and a pair of denim shorts. She bent down to tie her lases up,beacuse they had come undone.

Christina *Cantarella* Emily wanderd through the empty hallways.
"First one here..."
She murmerd to herself and the lonely halls.

Christina *Cantarella* Emily searched her bag for her timetable. She had unfortunetly come half an hour early,so her first lesson didn't start until later.

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Julia Horan Alec was driven to school by his older brothers, who went to the same high school. They dropped him off and drove off to park. Alec walked inside the school and headed in the direction of his locker.

Christina *Cantarella* "A16...A17...A18...Where are you B26?!"
She mutterd to herself.

Christina *Cantarella* Emily finally gave up.
"I'll find my locker after the first lesson..."
She mutterd to herself as she glanced at the wall clock. She reached for her timetable,which was in her bag.

Christina *Cantarella* Emily saw that she had chemistry first. Picking a random direction,she walked down it,carrying a lot more books in her bag than nesscesary.

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