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Name: Nikki
Gender: F
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Looks: Long brown hair, freckles across her nose, blue eyes, t-shirt-and-jeans type of girl(tomboyish)
Personality: funny, smart, calming, sweet, easy to get along with, easy to love, wants to make someone smile
Crush: idk yet
BF/GF: n/a
Family: mom,dad,Brother(stephen)
History: grew up in brooklyn but moved to North Carolina over the summer
Other: plays the guitar and sings

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sweet is a doormat though, likes a guy who wont let her walk away
crush: a sweet guy
BF: the senior douchebag asshole is abusive and horrible and protective strong on wrestling team anger manage ment problems controls her verbally abuisve too
Grade: freshman
Family: lives with whore mother
History: dad died siblings moved out (in college)
Otheer: she hides her true feelings

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Wait is her name scarlet or cassy

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Val (theangryturtle) | 141 comments Mod
Wait...does she have brown or blue eyes

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Haha it's okay

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Julia Horan Name: Alec Vinton
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
Alec is relatively tall for his age at 5'8. He isn't too and not fat, he is a good healthly weight. Alec has green eyes that have a ring of gold around the pupil. Currently, Alec has braces. They are the colors of green and gold; the colors of his favorite college football team, the USF Bulls. Alec is almost always seen in a t shirt, shorts of some sort (basketball shorts), and sneakers. Like most guys in highschool, he wears his pants lower than his boxers.
Personality: Alec is very intelligent, but you wouldn't know from talking to him. He may seem shy at first, but actally has a very outgoing personality. Alec is athletic and loves sports. But, he very much dislikes soccer and loves football/hockey. Alec tends to be oppinionated and can be inflexible. Overall, Alec is a sweet, fun loving guy.
Crush: Open
GF: none
~step father
~step mother
~older sisters: Brooklyn, Ann Marie, Josie
~older step sister: Bree
~older brothers: Jeydon, Drew
younger step brother: Will
History: Was born in England but moved to the States when he was 12. Alec's parents divorced, not long after the move. His father got remarried after a few months, and his mom a year or so later. Now, his parents and their new spouces(sp?) live across the street from one another. Besides his younger step brother, Alec is the youngest in the family.
Other: is great a hockey, and could be drafted once he is 18.
Is quite wealthly.
Still has a hint of a British accent.
Owns a 10 month old male German Shepherd name TJ.

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Wow hazel you are so ruled by your hormones. *rolls eyes*

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Julia Horan Hahaha! Ikr!!!! Oh well *looks off into space dreamily* is that a bad thing? Lol.

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Christina *Cantarella* Name: Emily

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Grade: 9th


Personality: Bubbly,mischiouvous,shy at first

Crush: Open

BF/GF: Open

Family: Mother,Father,Little brother,Little sister...

History: Emily was allways interested in one thing: Gymnastics...
Her parents would allways encourage her to go on in gymnastics,but would also threaten to stop her lessons if her grades don't go well. She had difficulty in languages,which made it hard for her to cope.

Other: Emily is a good singer as well as a gymnast,but she hides this talent. She is a transferee.

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