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Family(if any):

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Name: Maybelle
Gender: female
Age: 16
Personailty: strong on the surface, very sensitive, hides everything, actys happy, strong, deals with everything, breaks down when no one else is around. she has never cried in the presence of others but tears up alot and dissapears, coming back messed. mysterious and fvery fucked up. seems like the perfect role model on the surface. doesnt trust anyone and lies saying shes all right. gives up easily
Crush: a guy who she doesnt have to pretend with, a guy who cares and will hold her and make her forget.
History: Her father was abusive until he got arrested for horrifically murduiring the rest of her family and almost murduring her at age 7. she has many fears, is tramtized and certainn things recall the old days.
family: familyndead serial killer father in jail.
Other: haha ill think about it. has many scars

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Name: NiCK
Gender: M
Age: 17
Looks: blonde hair with gray tips that always get in his hazel eyes, white t shirt and jeans
Personality: funny, has moments of flash backs, wants to die sometimes, wants to love,straight forward
Crush: Maybelle
History: lived with abusive father who took knives and cut down his back and arms. ran away after killing his father for his saftey. police found him and sent him here
Family(if any): none
Other: needs to be loved, to be saved from himself

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oh my chick is depresssed and and suicidal and cuts tooo lololo lets start

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