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Nick woke up and groaned at the sunlight that streamed through his window. he got out of bed and pulled on some jeans and a white t-shirt.

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Mybelle curled up whimpering frrom her nightmares

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Nick walked by a couple doors and stoped when he heard crying. He knocked on the door.
"Hey, you okay in there?"

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She looked up, wiping her eyes and collecting herself. She sniffled, her eyes still red. "Yeah, im fine" she said firmly.

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"No your not," He said softly. He walked over to her and sat on the edge of the bed.
"Come on,tell me whats up."

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"I am." She persisted flittingly glancing at him before looking down.

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He sighed and changed the subject.
"Come on, get up. Breakfast time. I'll see you down in the kitchen." HE walked out of the room, the image of the girl still in his mind as he jogged down the stairs.

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She took out a knife, mutilating her arm before throwing on a dark jacket and slipping on some chainsaw flats. she sighed, keeping her skinny jeans and tank top on and walking slowly down the stairs her arm throbbing

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(Cool still? Sorry I had to make my dads bed)
Nick walked into the kitchen and got put a pan and some eggs.

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She walked into the kitchen, losing bloof. "damn" she muttered. She was lightheaded and started stumbling, tryibg not to let him notice

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Nick frowned and grabbed her arm to help her stay vertical. "Easy," he cautioned. "You should eat something. What do you want?"

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She gently tried to pull her arm away. "im fine i swear" she said unsteadily. "the heat is getting to me" biting her lip as he took her self injured arm

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Nick inspected Maybelle's face. Her reaction. "You know, you shouldn't cut yourself. I learned that the hard way."
(hey u on?)

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(cool then post.:) and don't forget to use parenthesis)

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She bit her lip. "i know" she said softly hugging him

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He pulled her tight for a moment then let go."Good. What do you want for breakfast?"

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She sighed. "i dunno. Anything"

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"Okay," he said, and scrambled three eggs. After putting them on a plate, he stared at her.
(ugh, I wish there were more people in this group.={)

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((is it me and u?))

She sighed. "my stomachs not flat. So no"

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Nick frowned and almost lost his temper."Eat." he commanded. Then the coldness in his eyes soften, and he murmured,"I'm getting worried about you."

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She winced, remebering that same look her father had given her. The night it had all gone wrong. She teared up, nodding quickly and eating one egg

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(that sounds like something from :) maybe I will)
Nick sighed in relief. Then he sat down in a chair near her and stared at her with love in his eyes.

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((what does! And yay))

She finished the egg, gently pushin the plate away. She glanced at him

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((admin. And yeah I think I will)
Nick smiled. "so what do you want to do now?"

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((oh okay hahha))

"i dunno" she said quietly, fidgeting

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Nick frowned then became neutral. "Come on." he said. "Oh wait." he walked into the pantry and came back with a large bandage."Arm please."

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She winced, holding out her arm a little, not enough for a good view.

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He sighed. "You gotta give me more than that, May."

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She said firmly. "i dont wana." she sniffled, not wanting to go through more emotions. She felt weird. A guy was actually caring. For her. Father hadnt allowed it. He would whip her and call her names if she evn talke with a boy

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He stared at her. "I don't give a shit. Give me. Your arm." he said, finally losing is temper.
(can I call her may? May belle is really long.)

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((yeah whatevers good with you:))

She winced "no..." she whined,

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He officially lost it. He grabbed her arm. Then he fell on the floor, convulsing and screaming. He was having a flash back of when his father had grabbed his arm and yanked it. It snapped. "you deserve this boy." he had growled. Then he grabbed a knife and cut down his arm. Blood gushed out of the wound and nick, who at the time was eight, thrashed and screamed in pain. Tears ran down his small face as he screamed.
"No Daddy! I'm sorry Daddy!!"

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She gasped kneeling down, her arm hurting but she disregarded it. "Nick" she whispered. "here" she hel out her arm

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Nick thrashed. "No! Please,not them! Me! Take me! Me! No!" his voice turned to a whisper. His eyes were glazed with pain. "Momma. Lila. Please. Wake up." then he screamed. "How could you! You said you loved them! You betrayed me!" He began to weep.

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She started crying. It sounded horrible. She cried snuggling on his chest

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Tears wet his face until his eyes ran dry. He took a deep breath and asked roughly. "okay so where's the bandage?" he was trying to change the subject.

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She shrugged, still buried in his chest

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He sealed his arms around her and whispered. "I'm so so sorry you had to see that. If I could have stoped it I would have. Please forgive me."

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She assured him it was okay. "its not your fault"

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"I shouldn't have grabbed you. But sometimes...I can't control my...anguish, I guess, and it vents through anger." he shook his head. How could he be hurting the one he loved? He shuddered.

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"no no you just wanted to help. I understand. If you ever do hurt me...well you were abused and so was i. So i understand. And im used to it so it wont matter"

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Nick wanted to argue but decided this wasn't the time. He stood up, stumbled, and caught his balance by grabbing the rim of the table. Then he picked up the bandage, which had bees behind him on the floor. He looked at May. "Come here please," he said.

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She nodded holding out her arm

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He wrapped the bandages around her arm, and then kissed her hand. "What do you want to do?" he asked again.

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"have fun" she grinned

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He smiled. "let's go out side. I don't know about you, but I am sick of this room." he tried to keep his tone light, but in the inside he was depressed.

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She nodded, studying him

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