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Willi Fischer Jed Song of the Seasons begins with an inquisitive little boy who asks his mother how he can identify one season from another. Lovingly, his mother starts telling him four different tales, each reflecting the wonders that unfold during every season. For the Season of Spring, the fairies play and gather to create a magical Fairy Ring. During Summer, the breathtaking sea becomes a playground for the different sea creatures, children, and the rays of the sun. Mouse families frolic and and ride golden leaves down the river in the Fall. Finally, in Winter, the north wind roars down the mountain where children play, then come into the fireside glow to celebrate the holidays.

Willi Fischer Jed From my experience raising children and instructing students, I know the importance of engaging youngsters when telling them a story. In Song of the Seasons, I have prepared a captivating tale about identifying the different seasons. I know that you will enjoy special time with your little ones while reading this whimsical ballad.

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