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so what do you wanna do?

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girlpower12121 (caanna) I wouldnt have a clue. You got any favs yoiu want to do??? :)

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um boarding school, high school, other stuff, i dont really know

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lolz well atm im into forbiden romance, so if you want to mix it in with like...highschool i dunno lolz just random ideas

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u pick lol im so undecicive

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girlpower12121 (caanna) so am i >.< lolz!

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lol wow. um lets just do highschool and then you can mix it up if u'd like.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) okay :D

Name: Lilly
Age: 18
Gender: female

Personality: She’s shy, sweet, kind, caring, trustworthy, funny, loyal, elegant, polite, loves to work, loving.

Appearance: She is 5'9" she has curves in the right places ;). She has long wavy amber hair that falls to her waist, soft chocolate eyes, light skin yet not pale pale albino style skin, and she also has a cute pinky colour natural blush. She is very fit. She jogs everyday and has been since she was little. She is french too.

Bio: Her father is very abusive sexually, emotionally and physical and her mother does nothing about it, she even watchs sometimes, because of this she is fragile and feels as though she has been violated and will never be safe again. She has tried to get away and get help but due to her father being an officer she really doesnt have a choice. She hates life and has tried to take her life before. She finds it hard to make friends and keeps to herlself alot. She has had a rough life and those whom have been close to her and whom she has told her story too literally ran away and she lost their friendship so now tries not to tell people about it. She does have times when she goes into a state where she had flash backs. She longs for a speacial someone to make her feel safe and to tell her life about and not have them run away. She is the top of her English, Maths, Health and Science and french classes and has never gotten graded lower then A-. She has volenterd to do nursing and help with the preparing of stuff for the opperationg rooms in the hospital. She does this because not only does she love it but feels as if that if she does somthing really good her father may stop what he is doing to her. She has wanted to be a surgeon since she was 5. She is in love with very graphic documaentries and she knows alot of things about doctor things and anoatomy and things that you only learn in College cause she loves to do research. She jogs every day without fail after school and has been joggin at that time since she was 7 and has never changed it.

Crush/GF/BF: SHe doesnt have a bf but she does have a thing for her teacher but never acts on it

Other: Wants to become a surgeon and she wants to save herself for someone special(though technically her dad was her first) . SHe also speacks alot of french, and is an awesome singer :) She also loves to read.
She has a beautiful Arabian horse (below)
Name: Prancer.
Appearance: It is a pure bred. The Arabian's head has a characteristic dished profile with a prominent eye, large nostrils and small teacup muzzle http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=h...)
Personality: It is loyal and will only listen to Lilly. It is a friendly horse but if you get it on its own it is fierce!

Name: Gabriel Whicker
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: Kind, outgoing, good sense of humor, fun to be around. Very smart. He'll do anything for his loved ones and never judges a book by their cover. A person you can trust. He's very protective of those he loves, and if you hurt them you're in trouble.

Looks: Bright, almost shocking blue eyes, scruffy brown hair (But not un kept) and a spray of freckles, Pale skin and slightly muscular. Around 5' 11"

Bio: Grew up with his mother and 6 older sisters. The one he's closest to in age is actually 9 years older than him. He was always made fun of as a child for growing up without a dad and a nickname often given to him.... Shall not be repeated... His mother and sisters were all very kind to him however. His mother passed when he was 14. Because he grew up how he did he never makes fun of anyone or is rude to them in any way. Well... Unless you push him. He's not a total push over, he can get angry. He's a painter and his entire room is decorated with works of his. He's also a cellist

these are my people. I am gonna go now but i will be back soon :D have fun making yours!

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Name: Jasmine
Age: 17 1/2
Gender: Female

Personality: sweet, smart, kind, and can be mean when she wants to.

Bio: Her mom passed away when she was 3 months, her dad is a drunk, and she has a little brother and sister, Mallory and Kevin.

Looks: she is 5.8, has curves in the right place, long blonde straight hair, has piercing turquoise eyes, tan, and is very fit.

Name: Will
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: kind, sweet, caring, over protective.

Bio: Both parents still alive, but thay are on the verge of a divorce they are always arguing. Has a little brother, Drake and he is very protective of him.

Looks: tall, muscular, messy brown hair, and green eyes. Cute

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girlpower12121 (caanna) awesome :D c an you start?

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Jasmine was making her way to her locker, she was tired.

Will woke up, he was going to be late for school

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((ty))

Lily was sitting under a willow tree in the park, she didnt want to go to school, which was a first, She was to scared....

Gabe was at school in band practise

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Jasmine had volleyball first period. ((did i mention she is capitan of the volleyball team, cherrleading, and basketball?))

Will decided to walk to school, it was too nice outside, he loved to be outdoors.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((:D sorry i was so busy with school))

((nope lolz))

Gabe packed up his cello and put it way before going to his locker to get his books

Lilly was shaking, she rocked herself as she looked at her arms, which were fullof scars and new fresh bruises and cuts

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ......?

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((hey its your post))

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((sorry, i got grounded for a month, without my phone or laptop, and now i'm in bed sick))

Jasmine changed into her sports bra and some spandex, she put on her gear, and headed outside.(the net is outside during spring)

Will had bags in his eyes, his ears were ringing from his parents' fighting. He changed into his gym clothes and headed outside.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((that sucks. Hope you feel better soon))

Gabe realised he had Sport and quickly went to change

((I thought he was walking to school.....))

Lilly shuddered softly

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((thx, let's just say he got there))

Jasmine passed the ball over the net.

Will started running on the track.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((okay lolz))

Lilly made her way slowly to school after calming herself. She sighed softly as she walked to her locker, she still had time to get ehr vookd and get to class without being late at all.

Gabe walked out and sighed Vollyball....just great he decided to do a lap of the track so as to warm up first

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((sorry i was busy))

Jasmine was watching Gabe, she blushed a little.

Will saw Gabe and ran over to him,

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly walked to her advanced maths class. SHe got in and sat ast her desk with a few minuets to spare. She got her things out and ready then looked down at her wrists, tracing the scars that adorned them.

Gabe nodded at Will "Hey" he smirked slightly. He saw Jasmine and winked at her then picked up pace slightly

((Its okay, you still on???))

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((i am now, sorry))

Jasmine blushed, and turned back to volleyball.

Will started to sprint, he didn't want to think about History, since he had that next period.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((OMG! it sisnt post my reply))

Lilly started working on her maths stuff, the rest of the class were gossiping about a new boy band, about not doing their homework and how they hate this girl in their french class. Lilly had no friends.... she heard them talkign about her a couple of times...she ignored them and kept working

Gabe smirked and sprinted with Will. After a while he pulled into a jog. He wanted to talk to will

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((its fine))

Jasmine spiked the ball too hard, it bounced off the ground and headed towards Gabe.

Will stopped as the ball came, he backpeddaled the other way. ((is that how you spell it?))

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe picked up the ball and threw it back to her, smiling

((I wouldnt have a clue LOLZ))

Lilly sighed she looked at the clock, still trying to ignore the girls adamantly gossipiing about her

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Jasmine caught it easily, she walked over to him,"are you ok?" She asked sweetly.

Will bit back a laugh.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) "I sure am, are you okay?" he smiled winking

Lilly looked at the clock and sighed

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Jasmine blushed,"um yea."

Will stepped in,"it's alright he needed to be knocked around a bit anyway."

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe chuckled "Thanks Will i love you too" he rolled his eyes and smiled at jasmine "Nothing is bad so all is good"

Lilly wanted the class to end

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Jasmine giggled, she went into the locker rooms to get changed before the bell rang.

Will chuckled,"did i embarass you?" He teased Gabe.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe nudged him playfully "No, i have had worse" he chuckled "com on lets get changed"

When the bell went lilly all but ran fromt eh class room. She had a free period so she went to her locker. She stood infront of it whilst she sorted through her book from the st class to get her homework

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Will followed him, he had free period next so he took his time changing.

Jasmine also had free period, she changed into black skinny jeans, a purple tank, and short black boots.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe sighed "I ahve to study for a stupid French test exam thingo" he laugehd "Lucky i have a free" he said getting changed slowly

Lilly soon enough got into her locker she then put her books away and then made her way slowly to the library

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Jasmine didn't finish her literature homework so she went to the library to do it.

"hahaha, well that's good, i don't know what im gonna do."

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girlpower12121 (caanna) "why dont you chill with me in hte library?" he asked "I need to be there and i would love a mate there with me" he smirked

Lilly took a seat at a computer there and began searching up books she needed. she then went to get them and began working

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Will shrugged,"i guess."

Jasmine sat down in one of those big sofas they had and started doing her work.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe chuckled "sweet! Lets gfet going"

Lilly worked hard on her work

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Jasmine blushed when she saw Gabe come in, she kept her eyes down.

Will watched Lilly, he really liked her, she was so shy and pretty.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Gabe saw Jasmine and smiled but then went over to the tables to get some work done.

Lilly looked up for a second to see the time and saw will, she blushed slightly when she realised he was looking at her. she looked back down to finish ehr work

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((you still on???))

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((yea sorry, im at school))

Jasmine worked quickly, she finished her work and listened to her ipod.

Will sat down, bored.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) ((no problem :D))

Lilly sighed as sne finished and then she went searching for books...ones she hadnt already read or ones needing a good re-read

Gabe began working

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Will smiled at Lilly, he made his way over to her.

Jasmine went to sit by Gabe,"hey need any help?"

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly had several books already in her hands, she placed them ontop of the shelf and bent down to have a look at the books near the ground. She found a couple more and stood up and grabbed ehr other books before turning and walking straight into will. Her books dropped to the floor "Oh my god! I am sooo sorry" she said softly, bending down to pick the books she had dropped up.

Gabe looked up and smiled "Heyy...Uh....do you do french by any chance?" he asked her smirking

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Will bent down to help her,"dont worry about it," he said.

Jasmine nodded,"um yeah why, do you need any help?"

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lilly looked at him, cheeks blazing "Did i hit you with anything?" she asked him

"Well....kinda of....no....well yeah i do" he sighed "But i dont want to take up your time,"

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Will chuckled and shook his head,"no im good, what about you?"

Jasmine shrugged,"i dont have anything to do, so ill be gald to help you."

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girlpower12121 (caanna) "Im okay" she whispered, hoping to hold back her tears...She was having a slight flash back.

Gabe smiled at her "I dont wanna annoy you though" he said soflty

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Jasmine shook her head,"it's alright, so what do you need help with?"

"you ok?"

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