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message 1: by Michael, Author (last edited Mar 03, 2011 04:28PM) (new)

Michael Bialys (bialys) | 29 comments Mod
My book is now available on Kindle-Very excited.

message 2: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Bunn | 7 comments Great cover. Off to grab the sample.

message 3: by Marc (new)

Marc (authorguy) | 97 comments My publisher is making all of my new stories available on the Kindle, mostly shorts right now, but I have a new novel coming out in May.

message 4: by Dune (new)

Dune Elliot (duneelliot) | 14 comments Necromancer, an epic fantasy adventure, is available on Kindle.

message 5: by Maxwell (new)

Maxwell Drake (maxwell_alexander_drake) | 80 comments I'll throw out a plug...

Both book one and two of the Genesis of Oblivion Saga, as well as the first short of this Saga are out on Kindle (and iTunes, Kobo, Nook, Googlebooks, Goodreads, and about a dozen more eBook resellers.)



message 6: by Charles (new)

Charles (kainja) | 73 comments My fantasy books are finally out on Kindle too, and on nook. The Talera trilogy: Swords of Talera, Wings Over Talera, and Witch of Talera, plus Bitter Steel (which is heroic fantasy)

message 7: by Cliff (last edited Mar 08, 2011 07:40PM) (new)

Cliff Scovell (CMScovell) | 16 comments My first book, Prison Earth - Not Guilty as Charged is available in Kindle format from The second book in this series, Prison Earth - A Loss of Face, is now available in the Kindle format from

Cliff Scovell
Prison Earth - The Series

message 8: by Kae (new)

Kae Cheatham (uppitywoman) | 13 comments Ah, Kindle! I have uploaded a 2-book volume there: Gem of the Galaxy that contains Daughter of the Stone and Child of the Mist. It went live last week.

I developed a Web site for it, which gives a better overview than some of the other sites.

(It's also available for NOOK)

message 9: by Tim (last edited Mar 18, 2011 02:44PM) (new)

Tim Ellis (doce) | 5 comments I have a fantasy out on the Kindle. Orc Quest: Prophecy The hero is an Orc!

Orc Quest Prophecy by Tim Ellis

message 10: by Eden (new)

Eden Tyler (EdenTyler) | 7 comments I have a book that was just released on Kindle ... out in print in a few days, or so says my publisher :)It all depends on Amazon, honestly...

An urban fantasy about faeries
The Abandoned Edge of Avalon
The Abandoned Edge of Avalon by Eden Tyler
(if you're not in the US, it's on, too.

Should be available for Nook sometime soon, but I can sell the pdf and that transfers to Nook, so if that's what you have and are interested, just message me :)

My author profile still needs to be confirmed, but soon I should be able to be reached there, as well!

message 11: by Norm (new)

Norm (normcowie) | 26 comments My contract with my publisher expired in Dec for my first urban-fantasy/humor book THE ADVENTURES OF GUY expired iin Dec so the rights reverted back to me. I re-released it for 99 cents on Kindle. Reviewers compared it to The Hitchhikers Guide.


message 13: by T.L. (new)

T.L. James (tljames) To end The MPire: In Search of the Lost blog tour, the average 4 star novel is ON SALE $0.99. Check it out!


message 14: by Norm (new)

Norm (normcowie) | 26 comments I was remiss in not mentioning my new YA humor vampire/werewolf book WEREWOOF, brand new on Kindle in March for a buck.

My publisher did not put my second book on Kindle, but I have four others that are available. I invite you to read the previews.


message 15: by L (new)

L (lynnyuy) | 1 comments Here's my first book on Kindle, a fantasy series of short stories. Check it out!

The Dark Mansion: A series of Short Stories

message 16: by George (new)

George Straatman My complete dark horror trilogy is now available on the kindle a rather attractive pricing of less than seven dollars for all three volumes.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

My first full-length fantasy/sci-fi graphic novel (80+ pp.) is out now on Kindle.

Channeling the likes of 2000 AD's Slaine through the mythical Irish background of the Morrigan and the Battle of Magh Tuireadh, 'The Black Flag' pushes the notion of a Celtic revolutionary underground through a darkly futuristic vision of the British Isles. Anti-heroine Georgina Buadach Macdubhgaill invokes the myths of the good gods of ancient Ireland to bring blood and battle to the streets of London...and in the process, draws another cycle of history to a brutal conclusion.

Here's the link for UK Kindle shoppers -

And for US Kindle shoppers -

message 18: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Breaux (kevinbreaux) | 9 comments Soul Born

Soul Born is now on sale for $0.99 on Kindle. Its book one in a series published by Dark Quest Books.


message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

'The Wish & the Will'

In the solitary City of Middengarth, where fairytales and folklore are history, and magic still lingers in the air, strange things are afoot...

The first episode of this surreal fantasy adventure - set in a curious clockwork-powered steampunk world - is out now in Kindle edition.

Here's the link for US Kindle shoppers -

Here's the link for UK Kindle shoppers -

message 20: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline Kirk (jacquelinekirk) | 3 comments My children's book is up on Kindle -

I can't see the price on the page because I'm in the UK and apparently we don't get to see the price on the US site (according to Amazon help), could someone tell me if it says $2.99? On the book list when you search it says $3.44 so I'll have to ask about that I think.

message 21: by Geoff (new)

Geoff Nelder (geoffnelder) | 34 comments At Adventure Books of Seattle, we have compiled a 'best of' collection of short SF stories from Escape Velocity magazine, stirred in new stories from new and old talent, and now released the anthology as Escape Velocity: the Anthology. The ebook is already out on Kindle, paperback follows later in May 2011.

If any reviewer here would oblige us by accepting an ebook or print copy for review, I'd be very grateful. You can reach me on, or via my website

Kindle ebook at or for Kindle on Amazon UK at
In the meantime you are welcome to view a free sample at

message 22: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (cutietutie22) | 1 comments Jacqueline--it says $2.99 here in the U.S.

message 23: by Geoff (new)

Geoff Nelder (geoffnelder) | 34 comments I'm the UK wing of Adventure Books and so cannot see the pricing, Jacqueline. 2.99 is remarkably cheap! Have you bought it?

message 24: by Rashaad (new)

Rashaad Bell (rashaadbell) | 3 comments My first book Forgotten Future is now available on the kindle as well.

It's on .99 cents and contains science fiction and fantasy short stories

message 25: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline Kirk (jacquelinekirk) | 3 comments Thanks Alyssa! Geoff, Just thought I would make it a bit cheaper seeing it's a first book. Time will tell if it was a silly thing to do! : )

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Episode 2 of the 'Wish & the Will' steampunk fantasy series is now doing the rounds on Amazon Kindle....

For UK readers:


message 27: by Steven (new)

Steven Jordan (stevenlylejordan) | 30 comments Eight books from my catalog are in the Kindle Store and on my site now. They include:

The Verdant series - The orbiting city-satellite Verdant must take desperate action when the Yellowstone Caldera blows, and entire populations try to reach the orbiting satellites to survive. Now far from Earth, they must forage in other systems to survive, and debate whether or not they should return to Earth...

The Kestral Series - Ranger Carolyn Kestral is exposed to an alien virus and forced to leave the service, where she finds a renewed life of satisfaction and adventure as the Captain of a freighter and its small crew.

Chasing the Light - Tom Everson returns home after 8 years to find the girl he had to leave behind, just as riots over energy and oil may break out again!

Worldfarm One - All Keith Maryland wants to do is leave the collapsed United States and start a new life in the U.N.'s ambitious Worldfarm project. But sometimes, being a foreigner can suck.

Evoguia - also available from my site for FREE - A scientist in Atlanta creates a revolutionary breakthrough in accessing the untapped potential in humans, and in so doing, sows the seeds of a decades-spanning conflict between Homo Sapiens and a group of people—a 98-pound weakling, a police detective, a boy with learning difficulties and an illness-prone woman—who become the first generation of Homo Evoguía... the Self-Evolved Man.

message 28: by Adam (new)

Adam Bender (adambender) | 9 comments My dystopian novel about government surveillance is available on the Kindle for $2.99.

We, The Watched by Adam Bender

Amazon link:

message 29: by Susan (new)

Susan Noble (susanleighnoble) | 5 comments My fantasy novel - "Summoned" is available on the Kindle for $2.99.

message 30: by Norm (new)

Norm (normcowie) | 26 comments Gots a new one on Kindle, caveman humor ... here goes:

What was it like before NFL football? Before Reality TV? Before cake?
Bonk and his mate Hedz are just an ordinary caveman and cavewoman struggling with the everyday existence that comes when one's place in the food chain isn't all that clear. Then a little caveman shows up and convinces them a neighboring tribe is amassing weapons of mass destruction in preparation for an assault on their village, and everything changes... with hilarious results.

Bonk & Hedz ... a caveman ... and woman... tale


message 31: by A.D. (new)

A.D. Duling (adduling) | 2 comments Hello all!

My ebooks available in Kindle...only .99 cents!
Many thanks....appreciate reviews:0)

message 32: by Noor (new)

Noor Jahangir | 21 comments Not too thrilled about the tools available on KDP. Its a trial to work out how many books you've sold so far. Its much easier on the Smashwords Dashboard. Better publishing experience as well, plus they distribute to all the main online stores.

message 33: by P.J. (new)

P.J. Johns (PJJohns) | 7 comments Liberator's Ruin, a Steampunk/Fantasy available to buy for Kindle and Nook. Also available from Smashwords.

A novel of airships, alchemy and pirates.

.99 cents or .99 pence until the end of October!

Liberator's Ruin by P.J. Johns

message 34: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 01, 2011 09:23PM) (new)

The Supreme Goddess Of The Vox Aura a epic fantasy novellett by J.G Smith is available on kindle for .99cents.

Give it a try!! The Supreme Goddess of the Vox Aura by J.G. Smith

message 35: by Rashaad (new)

Rashaad Bell (rashaadbell) | 3 comments Just released my new book Vampire Manifesto, check it out!
Vampire Manifesto by Rashaad Bell

message 36: by Patty (new)

Patty Jansen (pattyjansen) | 3 comments Dark Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy. Not for the kiddies

Fire & Ice (Icefire Trilogy) by Patty Jansen

message 37: by Sabine (new)

Sabine Reed (sabineareed) | 18 comments Sword and Sorcery Fantasy
The Black Orb by Sabine A. Reed

It's on kindle now.

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