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message 1: by Samantha (last edited Mar 03, 2011 02:00PM) (new)

Samantha | 867 comments Did anyone see this Lifetime Movie yet. It stars Taraji Henson (who I think is phenomenal and doesn't get her due sometimes). It is a true life story about a woman name Tiffany Rubin whose son is abducted by his father. I believe the father takes him to Korea or something. There is a lot of bureaucratic and political stuff going on with that..I'm sure she had to get through a lot of the red tape. I haven't watched it yet but I recorded it. Maybe since I'm home sick, I'll watch it today or sometime this week.

message 2: by Davina, The Modster (new)

Davina D. | 693 comments Mod
Funny you should say that. I'm engaged in discussion on this very topic (Taraji's unacknowledged worth and the film itself) on another group. Haven't seen it, but I will.

message 3: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 867 comments Isn't she awesome? She's come a long way since Baby Boy that's for sure. I just wish people would recognize that.

message 4: by Davina, The Modster (new)

Davina D. | 693 comments Mod
I do love her. She's beautiful and talented. Love her in everything she's done so far, especially Something New and Karate Kid.

message 5: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 867 comments Davina, I enjoyed this Lifetime movie. I just finished watching it.

I just have to say that I love me some Taraji. Awesome chick!

Films like this just makes me skeptical of allowing family members to take your child anywhere. I mean I remember my Aunt feeling sick because her baby father took her daughter to Jamaica. Hell, at the time I didn't understand but now I do! It's so hard to just let go. It was hard initially in the movie b/c Taraji's character believe that the baby's father was just taking him to Florida for a week. But after a few days, when she couldn't reach him via telephone, that gut feeling kicked in and she started to investigate.

The hardest thing was when she went to his apartment and saw the empty rooms. OMG! I think that would have broke me...to realize that my child is out there somewhere and I don't know where.

There was a lot of bs in this film. Gov't is full of crap to play games with people like this. I don't want to spoil it but let me just say that there was times when I knew I would have been carted off to jail for slapping someone or getting very violent. This reminded me of Not Without My Daughter with Sally Fields. LOVE that movie. LOVE IT!!!

message 6: by Davina, The Modster (new)

Davina D. | 693 comments Mod
Great, glad you enjoyed it Sam. This is a good indication I'll probably like it too, though as a mom shows like these kinda freak me out. Doesn't matter that my kids are grown. The thought of losing one of them literally makes me wanna pass out.

I'm sure Taraji's horror at finding those empty rooms were real because she's a mom too and can imagine losing her kid.

I love Taraji's talent. She's saucy, but there's also this vulnerable quality about her that pulls you in. Beautiful woman! I'll have to catch this flick asap.

Don't get me started on the f'ed up child protective and other systems in this country! I know exactly how you feel ... they almost threw me in when my brother's bitch of an ex-wife fought tooth and nail to remove his daughter from his custody based upon vicious lies which the system bought without any form of investigation!!! But lemme leave that one right there. Don't wanna ring your ears off about my family drama as I'm sure you don't want to hear it! LOL

The Sally Field movie ... is that the one where she married a Saudi man and then wasn't able to leave his country when he turned out to be very controlling and abusive?? If yes, then I totally agree awesome flick!

message 7: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 867 comments I think you will appreciate this movie. I just happen to stumble upon it when flipping through the channels. I don't know if there was much advertising for it like The Amanda Knox story or the Craiglist one.

I wanna hear the family drama. LOL! Did she try to take your niece out of the country. I'm soooooo nervous about that now. Watch the film and you will see what I'm saying. OMG, they basically gave the father custody. F'ing bureaucratic bull!!!

Yes that's the Sally Field movie. I think it is my favorite movie by her. After that, I swore I would never just up and leave my country and not know where any Embassy was! LOL! Freaked me out!

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