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produce livestock

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"Kevin Matthews" The lady called, He made his way up to the stage bravely

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He stared at the Camera emotionlessly,

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Kevin said bye to his Twin Sister and got an Earring for his token, He put it in his Pierced ear and headed onto the Train.

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He looked at her, then went to his seat.

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He remembered His sister, How they'd always been there for each other

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He nodded. "Each time they try to put her name in, But I volunteer to go instead" He said "Just to protect the only family I have left"

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He nod's.

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He focuses on one spot ahead of him trying to convince himself that his sister was going to be okay,

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Kevin lookedup at the TV. "Better that I go anyway, at least now It's just my life at risk, Well yours too, but you don't have anyone inside you" He said

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"I didn't want my sister to go through this for Risk of loosing my Niece" he said staring back into her eyes

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He watched every move she made too. He wasn't willing to let his guard down around anyone.

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He watched her out of the corner of his eye ready to move if he needed too, He too knew how to Fight and Kill from growing up in an Abusive home.

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He watched out for any sign of Danger

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"Don't know what to Expect Every Game is different" He said

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"My Expieriance Don't trust people that might kill you later" He said

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He nodded "Kay" He said

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He looked at her "I can do that too" He said

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He stood up and backed up before performing a handstand

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He smiled at her upsidedown before Flipping to his feet.

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He smiled back at her. Still a little wary but willing to trust her a bit

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