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Produce fish and seafood

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Mary was chosen and she walked to stage.

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Mrark saw Mary walk up on stage. He reconized her from around town, but he hd never talked to her. He gulped as the lady chose the boy's name. "Mark Harmon!"she called. The entire crowd gasped. The Harmon family was well known and piked. Nobody wanted that to happen to them. Mark gulped and walked onto the stage

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((Yay! Mark Harmon!))

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Mary looked at the boy, Cute boy.

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Mark gulped ad kept his face blank as he was led to a private room

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She went to hers and sighed.

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Mark hugged his parnts and sibiling

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Mary met her friend, her friend was normal, they knew one of them would eventually be picked so was prepared.

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Once they left the room, Mark was ushered onto a train

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Mary followed, she sighed.

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Mark sat on the train and watched the district disappear

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Mary waked to Mark, "you ok?"

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Mark looked over and nodded, his eyes and face unreadable

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She sighed, "You have family?"

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Mark rolled his eyes and looked out the window "mother, father and 8siblings"he said his voice soft

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"I wish I had parents."

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"What do you mean?"

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"Mine are dead"

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"Oh sorry"

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She smiled softly.

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Mark looked out

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She sighed and walked to her bedroom.

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Mark leaned against the window

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She slept.

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Mark got up to explore

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She woke up, hungry.

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Mark walked around

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She ate.

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Mark walked into the dinning car where he saw Mary

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Mary was eating slowly.

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Mark came over

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He smiled at her.

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"Hi"Mark said softly

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"Can we talk?"

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"What a bout?"

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Mark sighed "the games"

((1 on 1?))

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She nodded.

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Mark sat down "do you want to team up?"

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She nodded, then gently kissed his cheek, then blushed. "My parents told me when they were alive, to kiss my first ally if I got in." She said remembering.

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Mark smiled "that's fine"he said

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She nodded, "What's your name? I'm Mary, you can call me May."

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"Mark Harmon"Mark said as he got some food

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She nodded, "We need to go ahead and get used to not having a bed or blanket, only each other, and allies in the arena."

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Mark nodded "areed can you hunt?"

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SHe smiled, "Yeah." She said pushing the bed aside.

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Mark nodded "herbs?"

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"Nope." She said looking at him.

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Mark nodded "I hope yiou know how to fish?"

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