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Welcome Students!
You need your Good Reads Reader Response Question handout. Pick ONE question from the Predict section and TWO questions from the Visualize section. REPLY to THIS post. When you click on reply beneath this post, a box will appear for you to write your post. This posting will appear in the box. You need to delete it and then post your answer.

In your posting, you will need to type out your question and follow it with your answer. I will post a sample. Remember, your answer to each question must contain your answer, a quote from the book to support it, an explanation of how the quote supports it, and where the quote came from (book, author, and page number).

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Sample response from Ms. Bounds:

GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters

PREDICT: How do you think things will turn out?

I believe that even though Adam likes Phoebe, that Phoebe will never see him as anything more than a friend. On page 40, when Adam tells Phoebe that he told Holly that he was friends with Phoebe, Phoebe says, "Won't they revoke your charter membership of the cool kids club?" She says it jokingly rather than falling all over him in a swoon, which I think she would have done if she saw him as anything more.

VISUALIZE: What kind of phrases bring vivid images to your mind? What kind of senses does the writing appeal to?

On page one, it says, "Phoebe risked a glance back at the girl and her long, buish-white legs. Fluroescent lights were kind to the dead, making them look like they had been carved from veinless blocks of pure white marble." That image really comes to life in my mind even though it is describing a "living impaired" character. The phrases appeal to sight, but also to feel. A block of marble usually feels cold and hard. It is almost like this girl is a moving statue.

VISUALIZE: What are some of your favorite prhases from the book? Why do you like these phrases so much?

Some of my favorite lines from GENERATION DEAD are on page 47. It says, "Killian Killgore of the Creeps was singing in her ears about being lost on the moors and chased by a banshee. Phoebe tapped on her notebook with her silver pen, the remaining lines of her poem floating somewhere in the air between her and the field, waiting for her to catch them and write them down." I like these lines because the first part about the music she is listening to gives it a haunted sort of feeling. I also like these phrases because it makes me think of what it is like to be a writer. I like to think that the words are out there flying around with a life of their own before they get to me.

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,wolfrainsesshomaru warrior | 6 comments the fire within D ' Lacey _ 1 PREDICT i think what will happen is the dragons are comeing to life. 2 VISULIZE "A light had just flickered in the dragons den. a few secounds passed it flickered again, flooding the window with a pale orang color".i like how the auther discribed the fire .it was interesting and it shows that the dragons are alive . iam so exited i cant what to read on.

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Joshua | 3 comments KEEPER by:Mal Peet
Predict: what do you think will happen next?

i think El Gato thinks he is'nt a good goalkeeper his ghost friend "keeper" will help him become a better goalkeeper.on page 50,it read "he was teaching me things,skills,of course.but he was doing something else as well. he was showing me what weakness and fear were." i think he is also teaching him the simple differences in life which will probably lead to great things in his future as a young boy.

Visualize: What phrases bring vivid images to your mind? what kind of senses does the writer bring to your mind?

on page 63 and 64, El Gato stepped in a meadow with his ghost friend and worked on using all your muscles when you dive to stop a ball so that your less vulnorable to get injured.In my mind the senses touch and sight come to mind because he uses his sight to know which direction to dive in. He uses touch because when he catches the ball and throws it back out.

Visualize: What are some of your favorite phrases from the book? Why do you like these phrases so much?

[on pages 65-66,lines 12-6 on the next page.] the ghost keeper brings a jaguar to El Gato's training to show that there is nothiung to fear.i like this one because i back off instead of fighting for the ball and being aggressive.[on page 53, lines 16-19] the ghost keeper worked on penalty kicks over and over again till he finaly beat him.i like this phrase too because it shows percision, it shows he never gave up then he finaly beat the ghost keeper.these phrases teach me percision and that usualy reflects on me in games.

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,wolfrainsesshomaru warrior | 6 comments visualize; phrase time ! tree rats dug up the garden boy i love tree rats i can so see rats in a tree . but he is descriging a squrill ( bad speelling) that is how i like how he described that.

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Mitch | 3 comments Predict: what do you think will happen next?
i think that the quest mentioned will start and piper will face many challenges along the way. because piper was visited in her dreams by a wierd creeper monster thing.
Visualize: what phrasesbring vivid images to mind?What kind of senses does the writer appeal to?
"Blood-golden blood- trickled from his forhead" pg. 21 paragraph 4.
sight because it talked about the golden blood of the monster
Visualize: what are some of youre favorite phrases from the book? Why do you like these phrases so much?
"It galoped across the table saying, "die mosquito, die!"" pg. 78 paragraph 1.
its a very funny phrase to kinda light up the dull moment in the book.

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Gabriela | 4 comments STARGIRL by JERRY SPINELLI

PREDICT:Who do you think will happen next?
I think that Leo and Stargirl are going to end up meeting eye to eye and fall in love. This is because I think that Leo likes Stargirl so one day when Stargirl is singing to Leo like she did that one day on Hillari's birthday, she is going to see that she really likes him."She stopped and she sang "Happy Birthday." It was Hillari's name at the end of the song, but true to her word of the day before, she did not sing to Hillari-she sang it to me. She stood at

VISUALIZE:What phrases bring vivid images to your mind? What kind of senses does the writer appeal to?
Some of the weirdest lines that are in Stargirl are on page 4 when they are describing Stargirl. It says," She wore an off-white dress so long it covered her shoes. It had ruffles around the neck and cuffs and look like it could have been her great-grandmother's wedding gown." This quote makes a vivd image of a pilgrim in a dress and its really weid to think someone would wear that in modern days.

VISUALIZE: What are some of your favorite phrases from the book? Why do you like these phrases?
One of my favorite phrases from the book is n page 15 it says, "She had no friends, yet she was the friendliest person in school." This quote is one of my favorites because it just goes to show you that she didn't need friends and all she needed was her family ,and I think if I were to have no friends I would be the same way. Another favorite quote of mine is on page 5 it says, "The girl was picking up her ukulele. And now she was strumming it. And now she was singing!". I like this quote because Stargirl just bursts out singing out of no where ,and I like to do that too. And the students act like they have never heard singing before and react like WHAT THE HECK?, so I think thats funny.

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Sabrine | 3 comments BEASTLY

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Diego (DiegoA) | 1 comments ZEN AND THE ART OF FAKING IT:
PREDICTION:I think that Zan will end up not likeing Woody because he thought Woody was nice and sweet and when they were going to do a project together and she eneded up being very competitive and he did not find that very ATRACTING.Insted he might fall in love with the young libraria
VISUALISE:A phrase that brings vivid images in my head is when he is talking about when he is out side and he says that his butt was numb from trying to meditate like a zen masterand the girl he likes hears him talking about the numbness.

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Yesenia | 4 comments LAST SHOT by John Felinstein

Predict:How will the story end?
I believe that story will end by Steven and Susan find out why the coach told the best point guard for MSU. I also think that Steven will like Susan more, and possibly ask Susan out. I think their weekend will get even more crazy!

Visualize: What phrases bring vivid images to your mind?

On page 41 "Ninety-three, Stevie and Susan Carol said together. They both laughed. Damn,Stevie thought, she's really kind of pretty. He wasn't pleased with himself for thinking that". I like this phrase because it shows that Stevie has feelings for this girl that he just met,but Susan is the HUGE Duke fan. Stevie can't stand Duke.

What are some of your favorite phrases from the book?

Some of my favorite lines from LAST SHOT are on page 13 and 14. On page 13 it says "She had one of those Southern accents that stretched words out." "Palestra," "in her accent, became Paa-lea-sta-ra." I really like this phrase because, you tell she is a real southern girl.

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Taylor | 4 comments A GRAET AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY by Libba Bray

PREDICT: What do you think will happen next?

I think as the story goes on Gemma and Felicity are going to become good friends. I think Gemma is eventually going to tell Felicity about her visions and whats going on in her life. On page 116, "She is so good I could swear she almost beleives it herself. Now I know that she's never confessed about her Gypsy beau to Pippa, her closest friend. Felicity and I have a secret,one she's not sharing with anyone else." The two have a secret between each ther that nobody else knows. From now on think they are going to be alot nicer to each other and are going to become close friends.

VISULIZE: Find 2 or more phrases that describe something in your book and write them down. What are these phrases describing?

Page 90, "When I ake, it's an actual bright blue morning with real sun streaming through
the window. making windowpane patterns on the floor. Everything outside is golden." This describes, in great detail, what she see's in the morning when she wakes up. She see's
the beautiful sunrise. She see's this after she has been locked in the church over night by
Felicity and her clique. After she has been told not to have anymore visions by Kartik.

Page 111, "Dreams come. Running barefoot over forest floor in the night fog, my breath coming out in short white wisps. It's a deer I'm chasing , it's milky brown flesh pecking through trees like the taunts of a will-o'-the-wisp. But I'm getting closer. My legs picking up speed I'm nearly flying, hands reaching out for the deer's flank. Fingers graze the fur and it's no longer a deer but my mothers blue dress." She tells you in full description about her dream. How she runs as fast as she can to catch the deer. Then suddenly the deer turns into her mother who she misses dearly. She feels as if she is flying through the air, high in the sky, then when finally touches the deer it turns into her mother.

VISULIZE: What are some of your favorite phrases from the book? Why do you like these phrases so much?

Page 93, "As I'm late, I manage to avoid Felicity, Pippa, and the others. Unfortunately, it means I cannot also avoid the lukewarm eggs and porridge congeal, which are every bit as bad as Ann predicted and then some. The porridge congeals on my spoon in cold, thick clumps. Told you so, Ann said." I like this quote because she is running late then she gets to avoid her enemies but she can't avoid the food. She wishes she could be sitting there eating a good breakfast but it's not instead she is eating clumpy oatmeal.

Anther one of my favorite quotes is on page 57, "when dinner is finished, we are allowed a free period in the great hall. This is the time we are given at ease- to read, laugh, socialize, or just sit about. The great hall is just that that- enormous. A massive fireplace commands the center of one wall. Six beautifully engraved marble columns form a circle in the middle of the room." I really like this quote because she really tells you about the fireplace area. I picture it being a really pretty fireplace area. The time when they can do whatever they want. I would love to visit this area in real life.

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Michelle | 3 comments BEASTLY by: Alex Flinn

Predict: What do you think will happen next?

I think that Kyle will turn back to human, or if he doesn't he will stay in his room until he figures out a plan. He might turn back to human because he usually get's what he want and a surgeon can help him due to his father being really rich. He will probably stay into a beast because the witch was very serious and told him, " Two petals, two years to find someone willing to look behind your hideousness and see some good in you, something to love. If you will love her in return and if you will kiss you to prove it, the spell will be lifted, and you will be your handsome self again. If not you will a beast forever." (on page 49)

Visualize: Find 2 or more phrases that describe something in your book and write them down. What are these phrases describing?
Phrase 1:
" I am allowing the world to see you as you truly are," Kendra said." A beast" This phrase is describing karma. "Treat others as you want to be treated." He was never really nice to anyone besides friends, he would be rude and would critize. He got karma and know he is a beast due to his terrible actions.( Page 47)
Phrase 2:
" What's going on here? "
" I told you. Comeuppance. You will know what it is like to be ugly on the outside as on the inside. If you learn your lesson well, you may be able to undo my spell. If not, you will live with your punishment forever."
This phrase is describing comeuppance. Comeuppance- usually unpleasant. He is getting punished for all of his wickedness behavior.( Page 37)

What are some of your favorite phrases from the book?

Phrase 1:
"Then you'd better hope you never get ugly, Kyle. You are ugly now, on the inside, where it matters most, and if you eve lost your good looks, I bet you wouldn't be smart or strong enough to get back. Kyle Kingsbury, you are beastly."(Page 6) I like this phrase so much because it is vivid it has really good diction. It explains why he is a beast, and its a play on words.

Phrase 2:
" So you are actually doing this then?" she said. " You really did invite me to a dance even though you had another date, just to make me look stupid? "
" You actually thought someone like me would take someone like you to a dance? "
" No, i didn't. But i hoped you wouldn't make my decision so easy, Kyle."
" What decision?"
"...... You'll see."
I like this phrase because it is describing how this girl isn't really like any other person, it's showing ( diction) how something WILL happen to Kyle, and it's very intense.(Page 31)

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Danny | 3 comments The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
Predict: What do you think will happen next?
I think that throughout the book Papa will get accepted into the Nazi party. If he does get into the party I don't think he will be happy because something about him tells me that he isnt a full Nazi fan. On page 104 Hans Junior told Papa," So have they let you in?" Hans Junior is refering to the Nazi party that Papa had sent an application towards, but has not yet gotten a response.

Visualize: What phrases bring vivid images to your mind?
In the middle of the night Liesel told Papa that she wanted to continue reading a book they had started. On page 86 it said," There was a long breath, the scratchery of hand on whiskers, and then the light. He opened the book and began." This shows how tired Papa was and it showed the sense of hearing to me because you could probably hear the scaratching of his whiskers and the light being turned on.

Visualize: What are some of your favorite phrases from the book?
My favorite line would have to be on page 32 were Mama said," Saumensch, du dreckiges!" What Mama said was that Liesel was a filthy pig and why wouldn't she get undress. That i thought was really funny and mean at the same time. Really Liesel has only been living there for like two days and the mom would think that she knows her enough to call her a pig is a little crazy to me, but what i find humerous about it is that she has the courage to do that and that shows you what kind of person Mama is.

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Miranda | 4 comments Locked in time: by Lois Duncan

PREDICT- How do you think things will turn out?

Locked in time about a girl named Nore.She has moved in with her father for the summer.She has a new step mom named Lisette.Lisette has a son and a daughter.The daughter is named,Josie had a fight with her mom and she talks a lot about Nore.I think that Lisette and her family have somthing to do with time."The fact is,though, that with Nore Robbins,for the first time since all this started,we are involved with someone who has an uncanny awareness of time."PAGE 62

VISUALIZE-What phrases bring vivid images to your mind?What sences do these does the writer appeal to?

Pick your favorite phase and why?
The book I am reading has lots if vivld images."When hours later I decended the ramp at the airport in Baton Rouge, I felt as if I were walking into a steam bath".PAGE 4.I like this phrase becuase I felt like I had just walking in to a steam bath.And its a eoog example of simile.

"My parents were planing to take me to the circus to celabrate my 11th birthday.But I got sick and the outing had to be called off.That day a terablale fire broke out in the ringling circus tent.And a hundred and sixty-eight people died in The blaze." PAGE 33.that is my favorite phrase becuase just becuase you sick something good that can come out of it.It just might save your life.

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Larissa | 2 comments 00HOW NOT TO BE POPULAR By:Jennifer Ziegler

PERDICT:How Do You Think Things will Trun Out?

I Think That The Girl In The Book Will Sooner Or Later Become Friends With Some Kids In The School. On Page 42 The Girl Says "For Real, i want to reply. But Then I Remember:I'm Not One Of Them. Not This Time." She Told Her Self That She Would Not Become Friends With Anyone At Her New School Because She Will Move Soon&Then Whole Good Bye Thing Would Not Be Hard TO Do.

VISUALIZE:Find 2 Or more phrases that describe something in your book and write them down. What are these phrases describing?
On Page 13&14 The girl says "Hanging at the edge of the parking lot, under a cloud of cigarette smoke, are the Thugs, aka Burnouts, Stoners, or Fry-Boys. Rockers And Skaters are subsets of this group, and they overlap like Venn diagrams For Portland; Shaggy-haired Skaters were the dominant breed there, buts it's obviously diffrent in Austin. Here they seem to be skinnier, squirrelier stock and they, aren't surrounded by gaggle of admiring girls." Here she is describing how the skaters are diffrent from the one in portland. "Sitting A Couple of picnic tables on the front lawn are the Brains. Or Nerds,Honor Roll Dweebs, Debate Club Dorks, or Goobers. Judging by all the big black instrument cases, I'd say most ofthem take band, which is typical. At other schools I've learned that almost all superbarin students take band or orchestra, but not all band or orchestra Students are superbrains. Band As phylum, Brains as genus." Here she was describing the nerds and/or the smart pepole.
VISUALIZE: What Are some of your favorite pharses from the book? Why do you like these pharses so much?
My favorit pharses from this book are on page15. "Heyy NEw Girl" On of the alpha guys calls out to me. He's cute. Reall cute, in fact. Dark Blond hair, strong jaw, Dimples" I like This beccause she is decribing a reall hoy Guyy!!!!! Hehe(=

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Walker | 4 comments THE LOST HERO by: RICK RIORDAN
PREDICT:How will the story end?
I think that even though Anabeth still likes Percy she will start liking Jason and piper will be heartbroken.Then eventully Piper will turn evil and betray the gods.I think that because the author always describes Jasons buitiful apearence.

VISULIZE:What phrases bring vivid images to your mind?
What kind of senses does the writer appeal to?
A phrase that brings vivid images to my mind is on page 25 When the author says ''unleashed some serious goat fu'' because it makes me think of an actual goat with a black belt.

VISUALIZE:What are some your favorite phrases from the book? Why do you like these phrases so much?
One of my favorite phrases from the book is on page 41 ''Piper soon relized Anabeth heart wasnt with the tour '' because it realy shows how she is feelingand hows she feels about this situation.

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Rene | 3 comments THE ABSOLUTLEY TRUE DIARY OF A PART TIME Sherman Alexie

PREDICTION: what do you think will happen next?

-In this story junoir, the indian, live on the rez and go to school on the rez. He does not have a bad life, but he doesnt enjoy it. He basically only has one friend that protects him and cares for him named rowdy. He has a strange idea to go to a rich white school to get smarter and be wiser.junoir went to his parents and said "i want to go to Redardan". They made sure he thought about it first, then considerd it. (page 40)

VISUALIZE: 1).find two or more phrases that discribe something in your book and write them down. what are these phrases discribing?

-"no, if i dont go now, ill never will.".....This phrase discribes how the character feels about going to a new school. He wants to go really bad, and he cant wait. But if he doesnt go now then he'll forget.

2). What phrases bring vivid images to your mind?

-"i grabed my book and opened it ..i wanted to smell it ..heck i wanted to kiss it.." This discribes that he loved the book and he loved it alot. He uses smell and touch to make it vivd.

-" i was afriad those monsters were gonna kill me...

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AngelBunny | 2 comments YOU DON'T KNOW ME by David Klass
PREDICT- What do you think will happen next?
I think that John is going to ask Glory Halleluagh out to the Basketball game. I think this because John got all nervous when Billy Beezer said that he would ask Glory Halleluagh to the basketball game. Page 41 states "' I am going to ask Gloria,' Billy Beezer announces. 'You will never have the guts to ask her to the dance.' I think John will feel pressure and rush to ask her.

VISUALIZE: Find two or more phrases that describe something in your book and write them down. What are these phrases describing?
"Meanwhile, the frog in my arms has awakened. He lets loose with a sound that has never appeared in the Western musical cannon. In fact, it sounds like something has been shot out of a cannon." That statement on page 21 is describing the sound that came out of John's tuba during a band rehearsal. Another good phrase is on the same page "They sound like a car crash. I can hear fenders collide and iron rip." This is describing Andy Pearce's drum in band class.
VISUALIZE: What are some of your favorite phrases from the book? Why do you like these phrases so much?
I like the phrase on page 39: "It is the sound of a ravenous polar bear in a penguin sanctuary." I like that phrase because when I read it, I can hear it in my head and visualize it in my mind. On page 9, there is this really funny sentence: "Next to me is Billy Beezer, whose name is really Bill Beanman but who I have rechristened Beezer on account of his nose, which is three times longer than seems natural, and which I have nicknamed Beanman's Beezer." I like this phrase because it is funny and I can imagine it well.

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Lily | 4 comments THE FIRE ETERNAL by Chris D'Lacey
PREDICT-How will the story end?
I say David will come back to life.EVIDENCE- Alexa bounced on her toes."It's daddy's dragon page is 125."Why I think this is because the book is none stop talking about David;and when his daughter starded to talk about him and also he was the main charicter in the other books.At the end it just gave me the idea that he would come back to life.

VISUAULIZE1- Find 2 or more phrases that describe something in your bookand write them down.What are these phrases describing?

She quivered in relief as its spines disiodged sea maggots,sand beetles,and kelp.This is describing Sedna's hair being comed with a shell.The page is 137.
Behind her,she could hear the slow tap-tap of Arthur's foot and knew that he was working up something to say.This is describing Liz hearing Arthur taping his foot in thouht.The page is 125.

VISUALIZE2- What are some of your favorite phrases from the book?Why do you like these phrases so much.
"Waiting for the fairy door to open, so he can bang his head on the rock behind it and thereby return to normality, I hope.Why?"I love this part because its so funny how Liz says it.

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Leonela (leohdz) | 3 comments How not to be popular by:Jennifer Ziegler

PREDICT:how do think will happen next??
well i think that she is gonna talk with her parents, because i think she is sick and tierd that she always move to theferent parts of the world ,and the only thing that I think it woried her is that she is gonna move and she is gonna left her friend again.i found this in pages(28-29) They ask her How was school today sugar? she answer It sucked I can tell im still mad about the move,because evry time i gert near my parents,these little pains pirce my gut from all directions...I call them the Stabbies.

VISUALIZE:Phrases that discribe something in the book!
1.)No friends, no fun, no
I thinkthat this discibe something because she cant have fun and anithing bacause she stills woring obout lefting the city and lefting all her friens

VISUALIZE:It won't heart a lot
BECAUSE SHE IStrying not to do friens so when she left the city it won't heart a lot! that its one that i think it discibes something inportant in the book.:)

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Alyssa | 3 comments alyssa gomez,
I believe that at the end of my book that they will end up being friends. Mostly on how Juil first meat bryce. He had just moved in across the street from where she lives when her when she saw them unloading.She had went into the truck where the dad was unloading all the stuff.Then as the year had past on they were in 7th grade , Juil had been in love with this tree at the bus stop but then they cut the tree down. On page 42 of the book she yells out to her classmates,''Get up here with me ! they cant cut it down if we're all up here !''
No one had gone in the tree with her. Bryce had feelt bad after the past few days , he wanted to go up and talk to her but as he thought about it he wouldnt

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Erika | 3 comments Erika Rocha
Go Ask Alic by Anonymous
Pridiction- How do you think things will turn out?
My thoughts are that Alice will end up tell Roger everything. On page 45 Alice states, " What if he finds out what I'v been doing since I'v been here? How could he ever forgive me?" She is really foucsed on him finding out about the drug and Bill. I feel like she does not want him to find out about anyone but her.
VISUALIZE-What phrases bring vivid images to your mind? What kind of sense does the writer appeal to?
On page 44 of go ask Alice She Says " Roger is even more Breath-takingly good-looking than ever, and i want to throw myself in his arms and cry my heart out to him." The auther brings the thought of her lounging her self at him and telling him everything but she doesnt and walks away.
VISUALIZE-What are some of your favorite phrases from the book? Why do you like these phrases so much?
On page 45 Alice says " I must talk to someone. I must find Someone who understands about drugs and talk to them." She is asking for help and she feels like no one will listen to her and in away I feel like that.

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Leroy (LeroyJR) | 3 comments Predict-how do you think things will turn out?

I think that Jason is going to get caught by Becca's dad because in the text it states "Before I'd even come to a complete stop,Margo jumped out of the minivan with The Club in hand. She pulled open the Lexus's driver-side door, sat down in the seat, and proceeded to attach The Club to Jase's steering wheel." (pg. 39).

Visualize- Find 2 or more phrases that describe something in your book and write them down. What are these phrases describing?

In the text it states "My prom prospects are so poor that Q's grandma turned me down. She said she was waiting for Radar to ask her." (pg.18)
Another one of my favorite quotes are " It's true, Q. Your grandma loves the brothers."

What are some of your favorite phrases from the book?
Why do you like phrases so much?

My favorite phrases in the book are " My prom Prospects are so poor that Q's grandma turned me down. She said she was waiting fornRadar to ask her." and " It's true, Q. Your grandma loves the brothers." These are my favorite quotes because they were so funny that it made me laugh out loud.

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Madisson Haynes (TheMadster) | 2 comments PRIDE AND PREJADICE BY JANE AUSTEN

Predict: What do you think will happen?
I think that Mr.Collins is gonna get merried to Elizabeth’s friend, and kick them all out of theirs. And I think that Mr. Bingly is going to come back to Netherfield, and is going to ask Jane to merry him, and I think Mr. Darcy iss going to come with him, to be able to see Elizabeth more. I think that even though he dosent want to admit he likes her, hes at least attracted to her a little bit.

Visulize:What frases bring vivid images to your mind? What kind of senses does the writer appeal to?(Sight, Sound,Taste, Touch, Hearing)

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Yesenia | 4 comments LAST SHOT by John Feinstein

Question: Why are things happening this way?

I think that things are going this way because, it's needs to led up to the reason why the star point guard got blacked-mailed. On page 68, it says in the book " Stevie remebered that, even speaking in a hused tone, Graber's blackmailer had a deep baritone voice." In that sentence it's saying that Chip Graber blackmailer had a very deep voice. Even when he talked very quitely.

Clarify/summarize: Did you understand what you read? should you reread? What is something new you came across in the book that you had no experienced before as a reader?

I really didnt understand what I read. I'm going to reread it because I need to understand what I read, or I dont get it at all.

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Antonio | 3 comments Stuck On Earth By David Klass

Predict: what will you think will happen next?

I think that tom fibler will decide that he will choose the desion of destroying the human race for the young Luginians because there sun is about to supernova and turn into a black hole. But the other reason is that i think he will save the human race so they have a second chance to undo there mistakes on planet earth.

visualive 1) what are some phrases that you like in the book so much?
My favorite phrases in the book are "Come back here boulder butt.
visualize 2) what phrases bring vivid images to your mind? a phrase that brings vivid image to my head is on page 34 when the author says " quit staring at me like that!"because tom fibler is staring at his sister very weird like.

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