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E-reader and ebooks purchased at Amazon sites in different countries

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message 1: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie I will be getting a Kindle 3 with WiFi and G3. I plan on buying this from because I currently live in Belfium. My question is - may I buy ebooks from other Amazon sites such as or Will downlaoding be more difficult? I could buy my Kindle from if you advise me that it will be easier to download books from the same site where I purchased the ereader. I plan to buy most of my ebooks from I do not want to have to buy the books from because they have much fewer ebooks available!

Does somebody have experience with this? I would appreciate your help! Thank you!

Another question, do you have the right to return the ereader if it doesnt work well for you? I have to buy it without seeing it. I am a little uneasy b/c my vision isn't the best.

message 2: by Roscoe (new)

Roscoe James | 6 comments That's a tough one. I purchased a nook first. I was (I feel) misled by the dork at the counter at B&N. Turns out you can download any book you own to your nook anyplace in the world. All great news. What he failed to point out was that you can not purchase an e-book over the internet from B&N anyplace but inside the US or Canada. So I bought a Kindle 3. I purchased from the US site (I live in Mexico) but they detected my location and sent me the international version. Mine works great and I have my account set up in the US but I do get limited access. For example. I did a little test with an author friend of mine. She lives in the states. We both went to Kindle Books, then fiction and started going through the list. She had pages and pages of free books and one dollar books. I didn't. I had about three free books and no one dollar books.

Then we searched a mainstream author. She had lots by that guy, I had about half his titles. We also discovered that pricing is different. No idea why. But sometimes my version of the same thing cost more, sometimes hers did. That was very odd.

I haven't tried any of the other Amazon pages (UK) so I can't say but I think it might be a safe bet that the US (the original and biggest Amazon site) would have the best product selection.

Yeah, that probably doesn't help.

message 3: by Chrissie (last edited Mar 03, 2011 11:53AM) (new)

Chrissie Roscoe, so you do think I will be allowed to buy Kindle 3 at even though I live in Belgium? However, I will be given an internationsl version. This international version will have less ebooks available and different prices.

I have also heard that people that purchase their ereader from and do not like in the UK must pay an additional 2USD above the listed price for each ebook! When you purchase a book from and it is sent to Mexico where you live, do they add 2USD for each ebook?

Thank you for your help!

message 4: by Roscoe (last edited Mar 03, 2011 12:13PM) (new)

Roscoe James | 6 comments I believe you can purchase through the US site. I just believe they will detect that you're outside the US and send the international version. Which, far as I can tell, is fine. Mine looks and (far as I know) works just like the US verstion. Everything is in English (which I wanted). The only real difference I found was that they didn't include the charger with mine. It came with a USB cable to charge with my computer. But USB ports are all pretty much the same (in voltage setting) and my nook charger works fine. I did take a risk trying it but all is well.

On the books. I can't say they tag anything extra on. I don't see any - you're not in the US tax - kind of thing. What I discovered was that when this friend of mine and I opened the same site ( and went through the books the same way that what I saw was different. My book selection seems to be restricted.

On pricing - it was kinda strange. I could find the same book she found and mine might cost more but sometimes hers cost more. I really couldn't figure it out.

One think you can do. Go to and look in the upper left corner. Not all the way up. Just up there. There's a location indicator. See what yours says. Mine says Latin America. They detect my portal and know what country I'm in. That's all that's happening.

And you might try this as kind of an experiment before you purchase your Kindle anywhere. Go to the US site, download the Kindle software for pc (or any other device you might want to read on - I downloaded the pc version). Get it on your laptop and then go back to the page and create a buying account. They'll require a mailing address, credit card number (I have a US card there but I added a Mexican Visa just to see if it would work - it did). Then purchase a book and download to your pc. Make sure it comes out like you want and make sure you can buy the things you want. Which I believe you will be able to. Then, if it all works, go buy your Kindle there and it will come pre-loaded with your account information and as soon as you turn it on and sync to your account the book you purchased on your PC will appear on your Kindle.

The only doubt I have is what they'll charge for shipping to your local. No free shipping outside the US. I had to pay $20.

And I will say this. Amazon has this whole thing down pat. I received tracking e-mails, I could even see the day my package was on a truck and coming to my house.

Hope all that helps.


message 5: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Roscoe, I really appreciate your help! I tried going to amazon, and nowhere was there info that I was in Belgium! But my cridit card will tell them I am Belfian. I think when I have purchased it they will know I am in belgium! then the prices and availability will be altered. It is good I know all this before I buy the Kindle!


This is really a shame b/c I also wanted to purchase ebooks from! The whole thing is so crazy!

message 6: by Roscoe (new)

Roscoe James | 6 comments Glad to help. Like I said. I haven't tried any other sites. Who knows, they might work fine. You may still be able to purchase at other sites using your home base account in the US.


message 7: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments as far as I know, does not have kindle books on their website (unless it has changed recently)...the only 2 that are and you aren't in the UK, then you can't buy from them...I don't think even other EU nations can

message 8: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Delicious, it seems that other Europeans can buy ebooks at , BUT they must pay an additional 2USD for each book! Even for free books!

I guess I must put these direct questions to Amazon and Sony. Please, if you hear more do let me know!

message 9: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments i know they have to pay the extra $2 buying from the US as well...its been like that from the beginning - the only thing that has changed since, is that people with US accounts travelling abroad don't haev to pay the extra (I used to have to when travelling and because my mom is my account and overseas).

message 10: by Roscoe (new)

Roscoe James | 6 comments Interesting. Does the $2 show up as something on the confirmation e-mail? I don't get anything. I just get slightly different pricing in Mexico on some books. A lot of it's the same.

message 11: by Chrissie (new)

Chrissie Well, I will purchase my ereader and ebooks from They do not have an additional fee on books, but as Roscoe pointed out, the prices are higher and the availability is lower for european customer than for people living in the US.

message 12: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 365 comments if your location is set to mexico, then what you see is the price you would pay, but if you were to switch it to the US, then you would likely see a cheaper price - but there are some instances (rare though, that I know of) where international pays less than the US - for example, Ken Follet's new book - Fall of Giants was only 9.99 in Canada, but 18.99 in the US (not sure if the price has dropped yet)

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