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message 1: by Alexxa (new)

Alexxa Reynolds (alexxa111) This page is for Justin's writing.

message 2: by Justin (new)

Justin (justintime8408) I Died Yesterday

I died yesterday
And much to my dismay
People were sad
And feeling oh so bad
When they lifted me up
And carried me away
I died yesterday

I thought people would be happy
The day I was gone
Laughing and singing
And dancing to song
But everyone was sad
And feeling oh so bad
Much to my dismay
I died yesterday

message 3: by Alexxa (new)

Alexxa Reynolds (alexxa111) WONDERFUL! I really like it! It's deep and beautiful, but to the point. Very good!

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin (justintime8408) SILENCE!!!

Do you ever find yourself
Looking for a sound
A sound that's impossible
To ever be found
The sound of silence
No sound whatsoever
Is it possible to find?
Trust me... Not ever
The radio's playing
The AC's blowing
People watching TV
The water's flowing
All that could stop
But the clock keeps going
And that tick tock sound
Gets very annoying
But if time stopped
There's still people around
Doing something or other
To create more sounds
Their clearing of throats
Their coughing, their sneezing
The moan of a woman
But that sound is pleasing
But the reason it's not silent
Is something you're not seeing
There will never be silence
As long as you are breathing

Tara-Jayne (♥ I Read, I Love ♥)  Bell (tjchocolate) | 43 comments This is brilliant!! keep up the good work!

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