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Darkest Mercy *SPOILERS*

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message 1: by Sam (new)

Sam (bookmarksandbourbon) | 146 comments ** If you have not read Darkest Mercy and don't want to be spoiled please do not read on :) **

message 2: by iPetim (new)

iPetim | 10 comments Wiiiiiii! I'm currently reading it!!! :))

message 3: by Patty (new)

Patty | 11 comments LOVED IT.... It was incredible the whole ending how it wrapt up... WOW

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I loved how the ending mirrored the beginning of Wicked Lovely! Same official dialogue, but the roles are reversed. I thought that was brilliant.

message 5: by Schay (last edited Mar 11, 2011 01:07AM) (new)

Schay | 3 comments I thought Irial was really dead, like dead dead. I actually shed tears for him *sniff* I think he'd be really good in his role as Discord, and I'm so glad Leslie came back, even if it wasn't forever :)

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I did the same thing! I tend to burst into tears when fictional characters die, and I definitely did when I thought Irial was dead. As odd as it sounds, I get really attached to characters. These ones especially.

message 7: by Lis (new)

Lis (lovelyshadowgirl) | 84 comments Omg!!!So I recieved an Arc a while back, that I won in a writing contest:)Any who I thought It was amazing!! Melissa tied all the loose ends perfectly.I was so into this book since of course it's my favorite series so far!:)Well I a little part of me died when Iri died but hey he came back!!But when Evan died and so did Gabe my heart broke a little.If it had just been Evan, fine.But Gabe!!!But I think that she did it well.He died a brave death, and it was how I would expect The Gabriel to go:)

message 8: by Ivo (new)

Ivo I don't no what to think about the book...

message 9: by Rana (new)

Rana | 2 comments It is the best book i have ever read!
The ending was AWESOME! but i really didn't want it to end :(

message 10: by Rebecca Jane (new)

Rebecca Jane (bec3sjhdbzljldsgwsm) Maybe it's just because he's my favourite character, but I didn't think Seth was in it enough...

message 11: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Ummm, I don't cry for books, so when I say I cry, I mean on the inside. So when Iri died...on the inside I was crying and screaming: "Iri!!! NO!!!!" I loved the ending, though! He's gonna be an awesome Discord. ;) He's also my favorite character of all time. When Niall started acting and talking like him, I knew there was something wrong, but I didn't know what.

@Ladyanna: Me too! Best book ever! That's why it's my profile picture. ;)

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