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Here adopt and post the charry sheets of charries you don't want to roleplay anymore, but don't want to delete. By posting a charry here you are giving up your right to roleplay him/her and you cannot accuse the new owner of your charry of copying material that belongs to you. New owners are allowed to change anything they want about the charry.

Once your charry has been adopted and the new owner has posted their new charry on 'Make Your Charries Here!', please delete your post from this topic to avoid double adoptions or disputes.

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Annabeth is gone, and here are her charries:

Name: Carina Hutchin
Age: 15
Appearance: Short cropped dark chocolate brown hair with blond highlights, piercing sharp green eyes, and tan
Personality: Sharp (just like her eyes), strict, very rarely is she kind
Field of Expertise: Fitness
Crush: ???
Other: She's from Hawaii, she can speak her native language (can speak English of course), her mom and dad died from the disease, her brother is 16 and her sister is seven.

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Name: Lily Parker
Age: 12
Appearance: Long dark blond hair, blue cheerful eyes, and freckles dotted across her face, dark tan
Personality: Jolly, kind, but quiet
Field of Expertise: Agriculture worker
Crush: Open
Other: Grew up in Australia, her two older brothers died from the disease, her dad and mom didn't have it when she left. She had a pet snake named Walnut, she loved him dearly and was crushed when she had to leave him. She also airboards.

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Name: Melody Davis
Age: 13
Appearance: Dark raspberry colored hair, chocolate brown eyes, short for her age
Personality: Is very cheerful, thoughtful, and know when to be serious
Field of Expertise: Sick House worker
Crush: No one so far
Other: She is an only child so she was usually the one always reading a book. She was devastated when her mom died from the disease. The only reason she came was her dad begged her to. She is Russian and prefers to speak Russian, speaks English mostly when needed.

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Name: Jaques Martin (Prefers to be called Jake)
Age: 12
Appearance: Black hair with permanent red streaks, light blue eyes, not pale but not tan skin
Personality: He's sarcastic, a trouble-maker, agrues alot, and very lovable
Field of Expertise: Engineering worker
Crush: Arietta
Other: He's French if you couldn't tell by his name. His English isn't the best, he never made attention in that class at school. He has the basics down though. He was the boy who always got sent to the principal office. Yet he was smart and exceeded school (except English, he barely passed). He has two younger twin sisters who are ten. He never knew his dad and his mom wasn't ill.

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I wanna adopt someone...

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