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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (bexactually) | 17 comments Mod
Discussion after reading :)

message 2: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Broadhurst (reynardridge) | 32 comments I am *so* close to finishing! Maybe tonight. The story is compelling, the writing is fabulous, the characters are a bit fantastical for my taste, but I applaud the author for an outstanding work.

That said, it doesn't appeal all that much to me. Lives spiraling out of control, the gritty reality of the track, the grandiose posturing of a megalomaniac and sad reality of mental illness make it a hard read for me.

Worth it in the end, of course, and I'd recommend it with reservations, but truly a tough book for me to get through.

message 3: by Bird4416 (new)

Bird4416 | 20 comments I liked this book. I enjoyed the language and the way it was written. It was an ugly look at the backside of a low end racetrack. I think this would be a difficult book for someone to read who has no experience with horses or the racetrack.

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