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 [♔] .queen's armor. Molly was walking around.

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Azreil walking out of the palace to the market

 [♔] .queen's armor. molly sighed.

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Azreil got off his horse looking around

 [♔] .queen's armor. molly walked into the market.

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Azreil payed for a new sword and walked to the food section

 [♔] .queen's armor. Molly was looking around to buy some breed.

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Azreil picked up a peice of cheese

 [♔] .queen's armor. Molly walked in the food place with a basket in her hands. she looked around for the breed.

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Azreil saw the last peice of bread and walked towards it

 [♔] .queen's armor. ((i made u a mod in my roleplay))

Molly saw the breed and Azreil going after it she smirked and looked around and picked up a broom and slamed it on his hands "that breed is mine" she said looking at him.,

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((U did cool yeah i should put up another mod here you want it?))
Azreil smiled "You got nerve hitting the king who are you?"

 [♔] .queen's armor. (yess :) teehee))

"im molly" she said looking at him.

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((your happy to be mod of a small group invite)
Azreil "nice name"

 [♔] .queen's armor. "okay thanks,and you are?" she rasied an eyebrow wating for a answer. (yeah why not))

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(don't know))Azreil "Azreil king of all persia"

 [♔] .queen's armor. ((lol))

"oh,well its cool to meet you" she smiled.

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Azreil "That's all you have to say after hitting me with a broom "a smile playing at his lips

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Cassidy709 lance "well what a nice meet but still who is going to buy the bread"

 [♔] .queen's armor. "well yeah" she smirked and bit her lip.

AJ. was walking down the market.

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Azreil put change down "You can have it"

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Cassidy709 lance picked up the change counted them put them in his pocket and handed azreil his bread

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Azreil handed it to molly then looked at lance "How ya been?"

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Cassidy709 "good good traveling a lot and found out some interesting things" said lance

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Azreil "Like?"

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Cassidy709 "Russia has some exotic foods and that Egypt is a very successful nation and are build an arm...arm out of sandstone" said lance in a nervous voice

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Azreil looked him over "What were you gonna say"

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Cassidy709 "i said egypt are building arm out of sand stone" lance said serious

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Azreil "Do you know why?"

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Cassidy709 " okay do you want the truth, because it will cost you" lance said

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Azreil "I see how much?"

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Cassidy709 "eh maybe you can hire me and 250 for infobut since i travel i can inside info from the different nations for you" lance said with attitude(what is the currency system like dollars euros what)

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((yeah coins would be better))Azreil saw the purks to it "Deal"

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Cassidy709 "fine Egypt is building an army and Russia are training there men to there fullest so they are stronger on the battle field now my 250 coins"

((how bout gp for gold pieces))

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((yeah that works))Azreil gave it to him "learn more and there is more"

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Cassidy709 "thank you kindly...you are exactly havent caught your name or who u are" lance said questioning

((r u a big rper)

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Azreil "Azreil the king" ((um a little why?))

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Cassidy709 "i see but the thing is i am not leaving for a while and t is a honor king" lance said ((i was bored and wondering what groups u were in see if i might find smething interesting and mostly all of ur groups were rp))

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((yeah it is better that way bout to go see ya tomorrow))Azreil "Whenever

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Cassidy709 ((fine azriel bought the bread and gave it to you and he asked how i was and then i lied then told him inside info and now i have a inside job with him))

 [♔] .queen's armor. ((okay :) thats))

Molly smirked.

AJ. sighed and looked around.

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Azreil "what?"

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Riley walked down the market place leading WindSpirit, she was looking for work maybe even the chance to get into the army, she placed her hand on her swoard.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Molly sighed "nothing" she said

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Azreil "Alright""keep me posted lance" walking away

 [♔] .queen's armor. Molly sighed and walked away also

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Azreil got on his horse

 [♔] .queen's armor. AJ sighed and looked around.

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Azreil started riding to the training ground

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