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rank(merchant solider calvery genral king captain)(genral must be approved and then he approves his captains and every7one else))
horse(if have one)
crush(don't have to ask)

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 [♔] .queen's armor. Name: Molly
age: 19
rank: villager
weapon: idk
crush(don't have to ask) open
wife/huusband(ask) open
history tbe
other hello
perso tba
app [image error]

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rank:King fighter
weapon:swords daggers
history(family died young in war
other:loves battle
app:sandyblond hair green eyes

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Cassidy709 name lance
age 26
rank merchant
horse american paint horse
weapon hidden daggers
crush open
wife open
history traveling merchant making business every where
other treats every one equal and like every one is a regular person
perso kind persuasive quick thinker

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nice your name is a weapon its cool

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Cassidy709 i didnt know that

message 7: by Cassidy709 (new)

Cassidy709 how u post a pic like ashely did i only can do links

 [♔] .queen's armor. Name: AJ.
rank: a person
horse: http://www.freewebs.com/macriffik/Mac... her horses name his black he is a staillion and his breed is a solid pain.
weapons: 1.) http://www.swordssource.com/userfiles...
2.) http://room11.patstuam.ie/blog/wp-con...
husben: open
history: loved in a poor family and they died from being sick, not being able to pay for them to go to the hospaital,a couple of years latter she found the love of er life and right on there wedding day he died from a horse falling on him.
oerso: nice,snart,tough,funny,calm,can be hyper,brave,storng,loves to talk,out-going,friendly,can be shy.
other: loves ice cream and flowers. she also sometimes loves to play the violin.
App: [image error]

 [♔] .queen's armor. [image error]

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Name: Riley
age: 18
rank: Soilder
horse: Windspirit http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
weapon: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
crush: OPEN
wife/huusband: OPEN
history: When she was 15 her parents abandoned her when they became very sick, they died a few weeks after. Her father was a soilder and he gave her his swoard before she left; shes wanted ot be a soilder ever since.
perso: Stong-willed, Can be mean if you give her a reason, Curious, Strong, Very Stotic.
app: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...

message 12: by [deleted user] (last edited May 23, 2011 07:26PM) (new)

Name: Lyeta
age: 25
rank: General?
horse: Caliane chestnut war horse. (Mare)
weapon: Twin katanas, daggers bow and arrows.
crush: Open.
history: To find out.
other: Lyeta and Maia hate each other and alway try to kill each other
perso: Feirce, loyal, easily angered.
app: http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgur...
Something close to that... I LOVE KAGAMI!

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Name: Black Rose
age: 18
rank: villager
horse: Freedom white stallion
weapon: fists and a dagger, bow and arrows
crush: open
history: had to fight off bandits from her dying mother and father
other: likes to play clarinet
perso: funny, warrior-like, friendly, tough, and very fierce in war
app: short, messy brown hair, ocean blue eyes, tall and has many scars on her arms, pretty thin

message 14: by Lionlord (new)

Lionlord | 14 comments Name Caspian
age 21
rank(merchant solider calvery genral king captain)(genral must be approved and then he approves his captains and every7one else))soldier,prince
horse(if have one) a brown horse with white stripe down head.
weapon two curved swords crossbow.
crush(don't have to ask) Aj
history:is prince on special opps team.
perso funny, sarcastic, will always do what's right.
app shoulder length black hair.tall lean.

Amphrite(Domina Vampiress) Naractular (yukiamucross_purebloodprincess) | 3 comments Name: Khakushan (Shan for short)
age: 19
rank: Merchant, longs to be a soldier
horse: A black stallion named Akahabor, with a white star on his forhead, he is all that is good in her world
weapon: Only owns two- A katana and European sword(She got these for trade one day)
crush: Open
wife: None yet
history: Because of previous incidents, she hates to say. She's lived a hard life and often times called a gypsy.
perso: Sarcastic, bipolar, can be nice, noble, loyal
app: http://www.backgroundbandit.com/wallp... (But the hair looks a little more natural)

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