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*Ok so we need someone to play James and Kathrine.
We need 3 gang members that try to rape Katherine, We need Kathrine's aunt Kendall, and her 16 year old cousin Kayle, and we need 4 Vampire Council members. The first ppl to claim these roles and make charries for them will get the parts. Everyone else can create background characters like family, friends, random hobos if you'd like, even a cashier at Starbucks. Be creative with your background charries but make sure they can fit in the storyline.*


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Ember (bookworm725) | 150 comments Mod
Name: Katherine
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Vampire/Human: human
Appearance: [image error]Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos">
she is 5'2" and normally wears jeans, tshirts and converse.
Personality: She is sarcastic, she jokes around a lot, she is very independent, she is smart and usually doesn't care what others think of her.
History: She never knew her dad, her mother and brother died in a car crash that should have killed all three of them but somehow she survived with barely a scratch. Now she lives with her mom's sister, her aunt Kendall and her cousin Kayle.
Other: she goes to college, she always carries her blackberry with her and always wears a black leather cord necklace with a butterfly charm.

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