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3113905 Medli sat staring at the lake at the top of her home, a hollow tree. She went there whenever she was bored, tired, sad, ETC. Madri, a purple fairy with a redish core flew energetically over the lake, skimming the surface.Medli watched the little orb if light fly faster and faster. Sometimes she wished she could fly like that, and escape it all, the fate she had sealed...She shook it out and pulled out her arrow and decided to shoot at some bushes. "better than doing nothing..." She thought, having perfect aim without even thinking. Before long, madri flew up, Breathless. "huh,huh, I...huh... never...huh... Flew that fast...huh... before!..." she said between pants. Medli smiled a little, not revealing her pointy grin. "if I hadn't come here" She thought, "I would have never met madri..." she leaped off of the 20 ft. tall tree and floated down gracefully. "So, what's up?" Madri asked. Medli thought for a second. "well, we could go hunt and gather food, we ARE out of food..." Medli said, picking up her arrows. "OK then!" madri said as they ran into the woods. Madri would scan up high for game, and Medli would hunt it. Before long, they had some mushrooms, a rabbit, and some wild rushberries. Luckily, when Medli was a alive, she went camping a lot and knew how to gather food and prepare it. Of course, she did most of the cooking except for the rushberries, madri had a special way of making them extra sweet. When the rabbit was about done, Medli noticed that her bow was gone. "oh, crap! I must have forgotten it in the forest!" She said putting on her boots. "I'll stay here and take care of this, you go and find it!" Madri said. Medli ran to where she had put it down, but it wasn't there. Suddenly, she heard a flute and saw the light of a lantern. "hey, you!" She said in the light's direction. Suddenly, the flute stopped. She heard something running away deeper into the woods. She saw it dropping arrows, too! "COME BACK HERE!" She yelled. Skull kid kept running. "huh, a girl must have wandered off into the forest. Poor kid, she'll probably starve out here... after all, she is only a gir-" He began to say to Tatl and Tael when he tripped. "WHAT THE HELL?-"He yelled as he fell. Medli pulled out her dagger. "Stop!" She yelled pointing it at him. "You're a skull kid!?!? but... you're a girl...." he trailed off. Medli was really PO'ed at this point."who does this guy think he IS!?!" she thought. But instead of beating him up, she simply grabbed the arrows and bow, and went back to her home. Skull kid scowled at tatl and tael. "And WHAT were you doing in all of this?" He asked. "well, we told you not to take them in the first place..." Tatl said softly.

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