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Cody (rolinor) | 674 comments Mod
At the top of the tower that you tributes currently reside is a flat rooftop with a beautiful greenhouse full of pretty flowers. Don't try to jump to your death to avoid the games there are force fields around the edges so you can't.

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments (( Is this like a RP or what?))

message 3: by Cody, Ninja (new)

Cody (rolinor) | 674 comments Mod
((Yeah your charrie can RP here as if they where on the rooftop of the tower described in the Hunger games))

message 4: by Ephraim (new)

Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments Adrian sits on the roof. Longing to stroke his loves hair.

message 5: by L (new)

L (audinosbiitch) ((And the forcefield, if you throw yourself at it, will probably hurt a lot.))

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Alicia entered the small roof area and spotted a guy there, "Who are you? District?" She asked her voice cold and distant, immediately she started assesing the danger levels.

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L (audinosbiitch) Faith walked up, to the sound of someone calling out the too-familiar-order 'Who are you? District?' "Hey, hey, take it easy. The real Games haven't started yet. You may need an ally." Faith's words had sounded much less wise in her head. Still, they were true.

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments Adrian turned to Faith "Hey my names Adrian and you." He glanced at Alicia and scoweld.

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L (audinosbiitch) "Faith." She said simply. "I'm District 11. You?"

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments "District 8." Adrian glanced over the edge of the rooftop. "Jumping wouldn't help, would it?"

message 11: by L (last edited Apr 20, 2011 08:36PM) (new)

L (audinosbiitch) "Hell no. There's a force field, like in the arena. Don't touch it." Faith said, straight faced.

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments Adrian sighed and looked at Faith. "You got anyone special at 11."

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L (audinosbiitch) "Yeah. My little brother, and two cats. You?" She asked, quirking one eyebrow. ((Man, I wish I could do that!))

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments ((Same here)) Adrian hands faith a picture of a young woman.

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L (audinosbiitch) "She's pretty." Faith said, nodding.
((My friend can. It is sooo weird when he does. And kinda funny. :D))

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments Adrian chokes and pulls out a ring. "I never got the chance to give it to her. It's my motavation to win this. You seem nice, I hate to think that we may end up killing each other. The thought makes me sick."

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L (audinosbiitch) "Hey, look on the bright side. I may end up being killed by somebody else. Who knows?" Faith shrugged. "You seem nice, too." She added.

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments Adrian thinks of the risk of what he's about to do. "Allies?" He holds out his hand.

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L (audinosbiitch) "Sure, why not." Faith took it, shaking it before pulling back. She grinned at him.

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Ephraim (Tallerine7) | 201 comments "Well I better head back to my room"

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L (audinosbiitch) "See ya at the arena." Faith said, giving a wave and turning to face the bright, glowing, careless city beneath her.

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