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message 1: by Deb (new)

Deb (debs913) Here's another area. I like novels, biography, mysteries or first person historical fiction set either on a working farm or ranch (where the farming and ranching is realistic for the time period) or during pioneer times. Authors I like include Gretel Ehrlich, Ivan Doig, Gene Logsdon (essayist), Wendall Berry, B.J. Oliphant (Sheri S. Tepper). Main points are realism in terms of the work and how the animals behave and thoughtfulness and depth in the prose (for the novels, bios or essays). For the mysteries, the first two points along with a good story work.

message 2: by Christine (new)

Christine (chrisarrow) Have you read Mary O'Hara?

message 3: by jen (new)

jen (marshmallow) Do you count novels written actually during the pioneering/homesteading days? If so, I highly recommend My Ántonia by Willa Cather. First person narrative, highly detailed, and just a riveting study of both the characters and the times in which they're living.

message 4: by Cassy (last edited Mar 02, 2011 09:16AM) (new)

Cassy (cassybooks) | 4 comments Jeanette Walls wrote about her grandmother in Half Broke Horses. There are fairly large portions set on a ranch. I also read Nancy Turner's historical fiction These is My Words recently. This is a pioneering story. The character settles down on a ranch and stays there most of the story - a love story takes center stage though. Both have been some of my favorite reads so far this year.

message 5: by Deb (new)

Deb (debs913) Thanks Jeanette, I had These is My Words from the library and didn't get to it before it had to be returned. I'll add it to my reserves list again. Half Broke Horses I read, it was very good :)

message 6: by Greg (new)

Greg | 117 comments Remembering Laughter by Wallace Stegner is the story of a woman from the East Coast that moves with her husband to start living in Iowa and has quite a bit of details about the homesteading aspect of their life. It's a short book and I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Angle of Repose also has a bit about homesteading in it. Stegner is a great writer for capturing the pioneer spirit of the American West.

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karen (karenbrissette) | 1315 comments Mod
thank you for being detailed, greg! you do my heart proud.

message 8: by Janene (new)

Janene (janene_marie) | 12 comments ohh...I'm glad this topic was posted! Love this topic. :D

O Pioneers! and My Antonia by Willa Cather. Must read if you haven't. Also These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner.

message 9: by Janene (new)

Janene (janene_marie) | 12 comments I highly recommend Abercrombie Trail by Candace Simar. In April of 1860, alone, Evan Jacobson left Norway, bound for Minnesota, where he would find land and great opportunity. He got to Minnesota just in time for the 1862 Dakota Nation Uprising. It's a story of the early settlers to Minnesota, how they settled and lived, all the while the Dakota Uprising was going on. There are parts of this book that will leave your jaw on the floor. There is no sugar coating the life of the pioneers in this book. There is a sequel, Pomme de Terre - A Novel of the Minnesota Uprising, that I own, but have yet to read.

message 10: by Deb (new)

Deb (debs913) Thanks for the suggestions! I definitely will check out the Simar books and Stegnar's as well. You folks are right on in your recommendations, since I've read and enjoyed several of the books you've recommended!

message 11: by Janene (new)

Janene (janene_marie) | 12 comments Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey by Lillian Schlissel. Reading excepts from the dairies of these pioneer is such a privilege. I think you will enjoy.

message 12: by karen, future RA queen (new)

karen (karenbrissette) | 1315 comments Mod
any further updates on books that may have been suggested here?

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