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Alleka sat on her throne, her eyes closed. Her body was in place but her mind was with a young girl. The girl was jut like her, she loved to hunt. Alleka smiled as the girl brought down a deer with her bow. Nobody used a bow and arrow, it was now guns. The girl stopped and knelt and whispered a prayer to Alleka. Alleka watched as the girl cut the deer up and ate a little and saved the rest. Instead of just leaving it there, the girl buried the carcass. The girl looked at the sky and grinned then raced off. Alleka opened her eyes and grinned

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Xena and Ares watch the world and grow bored, Xena snaps her fingers and two countries are fighting again.

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Aphrodite wandered on a beach of Greece

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Cantar appeared next to Alleka and he whispered something into her ear

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Aphrodite watched the waves roll onto the beach

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Alleka shook her head, frowning about something. Cantar sighed and disappeared

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Ares made one country attack another and smiled.

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"Ares stop it!"Alleka snapped

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Aphrodite was bored and went to her throne on Olympus

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"Why what's the point of Being the god of war if there's no war?" He asked.

Xena just watches what her husband did and smiles to herself

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Jona chatted around a table with her human friends.
"Did you here? two countries have..."
"I know i know!"
"they were alright 3 days ago"
Jona order a coffee and smiled happily

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"enough fighting for now!"she ordered

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Xena snapped her fingers as her hands glowed a light Blue, The fighting stopped.

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"thank you!"Alleka muttered as Cantar came back in

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Ares growled under his breath and pulled Xena into his arms.

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Cantar raised an eyebrow as he sat down

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Xena smirked at Cantar a little.

Ares pulled her in for a deep kiss, the Aura around him turning pink.

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the tv flashed, and everybody turned to see
"Apperntly, the two countries have solved there differnce, and are now there are makeing a ..."
Jona rolled her eyes and kept talking to her friends.
what are they even doing?

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Cantar looked at Alleka who shrugged

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Xena's Aura turned pink too as she kissed Ares back.

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Cantar pretended to puke

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Xena heard and let loose a Fireball in Cantar's direction.

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Cantar ducked and Alleka sighed

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"Calm down baby don't take it out on the Minion" Ares said before they Poofed out to his Lair

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Canton glared

Alleka patted his hand "their always like that"she said

"I know, still hate them"Canton muttered

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Ares poofed into their Lair and smiled at Xena. "That was fun we should try it again sometime" He said

Xena nodded agreeing.

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Alleka shrugged and went back to the girl hunting

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Seraph wandered into the throne room, bored, with her red dress trailing flames.

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Aria walked through to the throne room. She spotted her sister on the other side of the room. "Hi" she called and walked over.

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Seraph smiled. "Hey Aria! Wassup?"

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"Oh nothing much...I'm really bored though..."

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"Yeah, same... where's evel sis got to?"

((EVIL SIS!!! COME ON!!!))

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joan herad her nickname.
i would come up there an join you, but u need to say so

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cometh to our chamber, oh sister of ours, and join our scintillising discussion

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joan scowled. and stood
"I have to go" she said to her human friends
"I'll see you when i can"
leaving the cafe, she walked to an alley before disappering and reappering at her home.
she kept on scowling at her sisters.
"I dont understand why i have to be invited up here" she sighed, "i didnt do anything wrong"
she groaned and sat down on a chair.
"That dress would look better on me" she said Aris

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"Yeah, you could look like a turnip even more!" Seraph said excitedly.

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Aria rolled her eyes.

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((yay!! We're all on!!!))

Seraph smiled. "Now, you in a red dress..."

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Aria was getting annoyed at Jonah for about the millionth time that day. She shared a look with Seraph.

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"i would look sexy " she said, standing up and turing around

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Aria laughed silently under vher breath.

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joan turned around and looked at aria.
"You got something to say? "

((got a pic! ))

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Aria just looked at her. At that momen, her pet dove Amethyst flew into the place and landed on Aria's shoulder cooing happily.

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((did u see it? my charrie for this))

joan wanted that pigeon to explode, but was to exhusted and didnt want aria screaming at her.
she sighed and flopped on the ground.
"i ordered a coffee but i didnt get to drink it"

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"Ah, there you're wrong. You would look like a red turnip. And you can't leave this room, you know. New laws."

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joan sat up.
"what new laws? and stop calling my a turnip"

((i am NOT the lady from acww, so shuck it!))

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((HAHA LOL!!!!))

Aria glanced at her sister. "What new rules?" she asked too.

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"You need to improve your grammar (badly), manners and dress sense before I stop calling you a turnip. The law states you must be within the same room or 100m radius of a sensible god/goddess at all times."

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joan jaw gaped

"That sucks ****" she swore

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