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god/goddess of:

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Name: Alleka
age: about 5000 years old
god/goddess of: children and women
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
personality: she is very kind to kids and women. She can best be compared to Artemis, the Greek goddess. She does have a quick temper, which has gotten her into trouble. She is a hunter, and loves to hunt. She always carries around a bow and arrow, along with some hunting knives. She does not mind men, but doesn't love.
history: nobody knows her parents. She just appeared in a cradle on the god's palace. She was just born but was already standing and adventurous. Then one of the gods taught her to hunt, and she dedicated her life to.
family: unknown
crush/bf/gf/married: none
other: her prize animal is the deer and hunting dog ruler of the gods

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name: Xena
age: Looks 30 is still Immortal (Was a gift from the Gods for saving humanity)
god/goddess of: Not a Goddess anymore Now she's a Warrior Princess
appearance: [image error]
personality: She is Stubborn and Hot Tempered, She gets angry very easily so when she does, Watch out.
history: Became a Goddess to Join Ares, Gave up her Goddess side to protect her Daughter
family: Gabrielle(Daughter), Solan (Son), Livia/Eve (Daughter)
other: Has this Tattoo on her upper Arm a Spiral with flames on the top

name: Ares
age: Looks 32 is Immortal
god/goddess of: God of War
appearance: [image error]
personality: Stubborn and Willful, He loves starting fights among the mortals
other: Ares Minion Famine [image error]

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name: Aphrodite
age: infinite
god/goddess of: Love
appearance: http://www.kirkwood.k12.mo.us/parent_...
personality: Loves material things and to match make people. Wants everyone to love.
history: Was created from the pieces of kronos the fell into the Meditteranian sea. Married Hephestus but cheated on him with Ares.
family: her offspring, The Olympians
crush/bf/gf/married: Ares, Hephestus (can have a lover?)

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Name: Cantar ((that means "Sing" in Spanish))
age: about 100
god of: music/ singing
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
personality: he is always happy and fun. He is a great singer and he can play every instrument known to man. He doesn't like to fight, and stayed out of fights.
history: he was originally a mortal but Alleka was impressed with her gift that she made him a god.
crush: open

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Kayla wrote: "name: Aphrodite
age: infinite
god/goddess of: Love
appearance: http://www.kirkwood.k12.mo.us/parent_......"


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Horsefan101 (Sara!) wrote: "Kayla wrote: "name: Aphrodite
age: infinite
god/goddess of: Love
appearance: http://www.kirkwood.k12.mo.us/parent_......"


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Kayla wrote: "Horsefan101 (Sara!) wrote: "Kayla wrote: "name: Aphrodite
age: infinite
god/goddess of: Love
appearance: http://www.kirkwood.k12.mo.us/parent_......"

she can have a lover

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name: Jona
age: Infinaty!
god/goddess of: Hate
personality: spontanous, likeable (WHEN U GET TO KNOW HER AND YOU DONT CALL HER A TURNIP AND NOT MEEAAANNNN), but goes hay-wire if mad/angry
history: a hero of war
family: open
crush/bf/gf/married: open
other: has a katana straped to her waste(seen only by gods/goddess) bound to earth and only aloud back up to (wateva it is) when invited. has a lion, a scary looking creature called nova

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sydney Name: Skye
Age: Infinite
God/goddess of: Flight and Darkness
Appearance: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2566/4...
Personality: When in the morning she is a sweet, caring, easy-going, and fun girl, but whenever darkness reaches her she is stubborn, brave, and dark.
History: She once was a mortal but then she was turned into a goddess when the gods were impressed by her generosity
Crush/bf/gf/married: OPEN ;D
Other: Her goddess symbol is a black eagle, she has swirly looking tattoos up her arms

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name: Seraph
age: Never ask a lady her age!
god/goddess of: FIRE and PASSION
appearance: http://m586.photobucket.com/image/ani...
personality: To be RPed
history: uh...
family: Jona is her EVIL SISTER
crush/bf/gf/married: lookin'
other: red fire fox follows her round, called Aragorn. Not TAME exactly...

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name: Aria
age: She never tells
god/goddess of: Dreams
appearance: http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgur...
personality: to be rped
history: classified
family: Seraph is her good sister and Jonah is her evil sister
crush/bf/gf/married: Looking!!!!!!!!
other: she has a pet dove named Amethyst.

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Ella wrote: "name: Jona
age: Infinaty!
god/goddess of: Hate

Ella? Likeable? REALLY? She goes round INSULTING people!!!

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She looks like me.....!!!!!! *groan*

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what? no she doesnt Maggie

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*grrrrrrrr* your person needs a pet or animal that follows her around!!!!!!!!!!

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a lion called nova

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*rolls eyes and sighes*

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WHAT? WHAT WAHT WHAT? what now your MAJESTY? did i do something to o-FEND you? like say "a"? was it pronouncated wrong?!@?

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a lion's kinda big.....well...anyway...so-rry( words from lola)

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lol lola

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Da gun!!

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You like my new pic?

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looks the same as before

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WHAT? Nooo, this is ninja girl!!!! Mags hasnt seen it...

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just comment on the RP!

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name: Nathen (wallace!)
age: infinity
god/goddess of: sacrifice
appearance: http://luchia13.files.wordpress.com/2...
personality: RPled
history: ~
family: ~
crush/bf/gf/married: open
other: meh. it will be RPled.

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me2 c ya magggie!

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name: Herculese
age: Unknown
god/goddess of: Unknown, Half God half Human
appearance: [image error] The Tall one
personality: Nice to Mortals and saves them from danger

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name: Gabrielle
age: 12
god/goddess of: Nothing She's Half God Half Mortal
appearance: Kindof tall with waist length Blond hair
personality: Loves to Fight but is shy around new people
family: Xena (Mother)

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sydney ((if Xena is her mom she should at least be a half blood))

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name: Ziva
age: Immortal
god/goddess of: Unknown but she watches over and Protect's Israel
appearance: [image error]
personality: Kind to all innocents
family: N'Tali (Daughter), Z'Ron (Son)
crush: Vincint

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name: Brighid
age: Since Beginning Of Time
god/goddess of: Fire
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
personality: Nice, Don't Mess With Her Fire, Holds Grudges.
family: ...................
crush/bf/gf/married: OPEN

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments name: bruno
age:about 7000 (looks 14)
god/goddess of:vampires
appearance: http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lcf...
personality: caring but he is cold sometimes
history: dark
other: is a vampire

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments Maggie wrote: "vampires???"

vampire god so he has to be a vampire

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yeah...I get it...

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Thomas wrote: "name: bruno
age:about 7000
god/goddess of:vampires
appearance: http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lcf...
personality: caring but he is cold sometimes
history: dark
family:all ..."

I love the pic ^-^

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yeah i love it too but vampires...really...what is the world coming to...

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Vincent (fireakaVincenttherpingoneP) | 867 comments is it okay of ziva and Bruno are brother and sister?

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does anyone have a guy that can be Aria's bf???

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You always have Herc's travelling companion Iollus

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sydney Haha but Hercules is mine! :D well Skye's but still...

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Iollus, not Herc

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