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Honey Hawthorne Discuss what books you want to read in April....

Honey Hawthorne I have a few books...

Iron King

Amulet of Smarkland

The Uglies

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (if not in March)

Does anyone else have any more ideas?

message 3: by Asa, Epic sauce.[Don't ask.] (new)

Asa | 60 comments Mod
Um... Um... The Rangers Apprentice ...

Honey Hawthorne Oohh that is a good one......I'd forgotten bout it...

message 5: by Asa, Epic sauce.[Don't ask.] (new)

Asa | 60 comments Mod
Several people recommended it... Never read it though...

Honey Hawthorne Me neither.....

message 7: by AJ (last edited Mar 02, 2011 07:07PM) (new)

AJ | 61 comments Mod
I think I remember reading the Amulet of Samarkand back in like Gr. 4 (I also recall understanding next to none of it because I was like 9, haha).

It was decent, I can't recollect much of anything about it, but I remember being a little annoyed by the footnotes Jonathon Stroud put at the bottom of each page. Some literally took up half the page with size 10 font.

It'd be interesting to read it again just to see if my opinion changes.

Honey Hawthorne I know! Boring footnotes......My bro was reading it a while ago and e told me the story and showed me the footnotes....

I am not quite sure bout it but I think Mister Monday is a little harder read...What about that one?

Honey Hawthorne Other books include.....

The True Meaning of Smekday:

Aliens take over the world! One girls story of what happened. HILARIOUS. One of the funniest books I've ever read. Then again I don't usually read funny books.

The Sea of Trolls:

It is a really good story once you get about halfway through the book. Easy read. Almost exactly like the Lord of the Rings, but it is Vikings and such. Which reminds me...

The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings:

Dwarves, elves, monsters, hobbits, wizards, men, and evil eyes coexisting together in one world. I've read the Hobbit and although it is a nice story it can be a tedious read due to JRR Tolkien's writing style. I recommend you watch the movies afterward. AMAZING!

To be continued....

Honey Hawthorne The Mysterious Benedict Society:

Children! If you are a gifted child, you may be excepted into the Mysterious Benedict Society. A three part Mystery, one of the best I've read since And then there were none.

And Then There Were None:

This is the best mystery I've ever read. I read it twice it is so good.

I Am Number Four:

All I know about this book is what I've heard in the movie previews. If you want a real review, search it up...

The Book Thief:

I know nothing of this book besides people telling me it is very good and that I should read it.


message 11: by AJ (last edited Mar 04, 2011 01:23PM) (new)

AJ | 61 comments Mod
Out of those I've read/am reading:

The Book Thief (I was not impressed)

The Sea of Trolls (awesome!)

The Hobbit (great as well)

The Felloship of the Ring (I'm on my 6th try to get through it, lol, only 94 pages left)

The Sea of Trolls was great (which I'm sure you already know as it sounds like you've read it). It's probably one of my favourite books of all time.

The Book Thief was waay over-hyped in my opinion, though. I've read another book by Markus Zusak and his writing style is so bizzarre. He personifies certain words (if that even makes sense) by saying things like, "The word 'Jew' marched up and hammered on the door, with us trembling inside." Other than that, it's your typical Nazi Germany story, without any real action.

Side-note: This might sound a little crazy, but the texture of the cover drove me insane as well. It scrapes against your fingernails as you're reading.

Honey Hawthorne Haha. Yes I've read the Sea of Trolls but I've not read books two or three in that series.

message 13: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) What book genres are y'all thinking? Fantasy, based of faerie tales? Chronicles of Faerie is a great series for that. Or Sci Fi? If you really want to read books you would normally never read, I say read a classic, like Le Miz (or be like me and read the great illustrated classics or just watch the musical....)

Honey Hawthorne Well I adore fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, fiction really......But we will read anything I think....

message 15: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) Hunter's Moon, The Summer King, The Book of Dreams, and The Light-Bearer's Daughter. Hunter's Moon and The Summer King have Romance in them, but nothing majorly innapropriate, just kissing. And the other two are longer, but more "Appropriate". Book of Dreams ties the other 3 together

Honey Hawthorne Hmm... Those all sound nice. Bout what? Like can you give little book reviews?

message 17: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) So the first one, Hunter's Moon is about two girls who wish the faeries they loved actually exsisted. Turns out the faeries do, after the Faerie King attempts to kidnap them both, and only succeeds in getting one of them. So Gwen goes after Findabhair, her irish cousin (Gwen's American), and after a series of faerie tricks, makes it to faerie. There's more after that, but you've got to read it. The plot line sounds kinda amateur-ish from the way I described it, but the writing is more mature and advanced. OR Melling is the writer

Honey Hawthorne Interesting I think I would like it.

message 19: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) READ IT!!

Honey Hawthorne Haha I will.

message 21: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) What do you do to get your friends to read the books you tell them too?

Honey Hawthorne I just give so many book talks to my friends they all hate it now. I talked my teacher into making the Hunger Games and extra credit read, thats how I got all my friends to read that one.....

Honey Hawthorne I don't really know... I guess they trust my judgement on books.

message 24: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) So. I've got a friend that reads as much as I read, and more. I read alot. And she reads during class, more than I do.... But anyways, when ever I recommend a book to her, and I even write it down in a list, she never checks it out. The two times she's actually done it was A) Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier. I'd begged her for ages, walked her to the library, made her check it out, and then she ditched it. When she saw my review for the book, THEN she checked it out. The review was posted in the library. B) Duchessina by Carolyn Meyer. She saw the book in the library. I told her about it in passing, the Teen section of the county libary here isn't very big. She liked both books. And she still won't read my recommendations. Suggestions? Anyone?

Honey Hawthorne Hmmm. Show her the HG. MAKE HER READ IT!!! After she reads it then falls in love with it she has to listen to you. YOU HAVE THE POWER WITH THIS BOOK!!!

idk im really tired...

message 26: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) No, she's already read it... It's other books that I want her to read, like Great and Terrible Beauty

message 27: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) That's another series that would be great to read, only it's more of a girl book

Honey Hawthorne Hmmm... I understand.....


As March draws to a close, the need for an April book exceeds. Now, as the ultimate book queen ((i really am not but i like how it sounds XD)), I will pick a few books, and make a nice poll. Then, after everyone votes, we can start reading. So, the point of this post is... well there is really no point except to inform you all on what is happening. Ok then. Well. Have a nice afternoon :).

By the way, if you are not from Earth, Mars, the Moon, or the Sun, this post doesn't apply to you.

message 30: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) What if I'm living in the international space station right now?

Honey Hawthorne Hmmm...


*and the international space station.

message 32: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (klymene) :-) jk, I was just giving you a hard time. :-)

Honey Hawthorne Haha. I got it :D

Honey Hawthorne And the April 2011 read is....


Please finish this book by the 20th of April. NOTE: The finish date is before the end of the month. Don't discuss with spoilers until the 20th. TANKS MUCH :D

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