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All of Sibuna Scene (this takes place after Nina put together the Cup of Ankh and after the whole mystery. Possibly we might make a new mystery?)

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Start now!

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*Alfie walks in during a Sibuna meeting* "Wow wasn't that one heck of a mystery? Finally it's over though! But is Sibuna still on 'cause you guys are like my only friends JK I HAVE A LIFE! But is Sibuna still on seriously?"

message 4: by Alyssa (last edited Mar 03, 2011 03:35PM) (new)

Alyssa | 2865 comments "Of cours it is" i said smiling

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"Hey Fabes, Hey Alfie. What a night..."

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"Well its over and thats good enough 4 me! So how do u think Victor is doing?"

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"Last I saw him he was moping about his office."

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"There might be something else he's sad bout. I smell another mystery! Ewww it smells like fish! Get it, because its fishy and fishy means like awkward and weird and stuff and yeah..."

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While I was walking around the second floor I heard Victor shout "YES!!!! I might of not of gotten the Cup of Ankh, but in 1 month, I will become more than immortal! I will become more powerful than anyone can imagine! And this time, there is no chosen one so it will be 10 times easier! Muhahahaha!" I gasped and that night at the Sibuna meeting I told everyone what Victor had said.

message 10: by Jensen (new)

Jensen | 150 comments Hey guys(as jerome walks in the room) so am i part of your little club now that i know everything even if the mystery is over???

message 11: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 2865 comments "Well that we'll have to discuss" as Alfie nina and I went outside the room we talked. "so sould we let him in? or not? i say we should, cause he could tell the teachers and ruin everything" i said looking at nina

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I sigh thinking on whether or not to let him in." Ok, he can join, but I still don't trust. I don't want a repeat of the other night with Rufus."

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Alyssa | 2865 comments "Ok.... lets go tell him" *walking back into the room* ok Jerome..... ur in..... but u must not, and i mean NOT tell any one, or else" Jerome rolled his eyes.

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"Great! Now tonight at shall we say midnight we will investigate what Victor is so happy about. This shall be fun muhahahaha!"

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Alyssa | 2865 comments "Very" i said looking at every one with a smile.

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Audrey (mintcat) | 352 comments "Hey guys whats up." Joy said walking into the room.

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I told Joy about everything and what we are doing tonight. "So do you want to be in or out?"

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