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message 51: by Amy (new)

Amy Meyer (Aimala) | 1 comments My question is about your general writing process.

I was wondering how important it is to you to have an ending in mind before your sit down to write the story.

Thank you!
~ Amy

message 52: by Emma (new)

Emma Donoghue | 133 comments Mod
Very important, actually. With my first novel (STIRFRY) I changed my mind just before publication, and changed the ending dramatically, but these days I'm more sure of what I'm doing. I have the last scene in mind all the way through the writing process, so that everything should lead to that point.

message 53: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna (Adriannas) Emma wrote: "But the fact that he has so much for cheer and comfort him really did help me; I knew his would never be an entirely dark story."

I definitely appreciate the ending and the fact that it wasn't an entirely dark story. Good decision!

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