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Shift form:
- Shift:

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Autumn Moore Name: Tammy
Gender: female
Shift form: wolf
-Human: long, thick brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes, short, skinny
- Shift: pure white, blue eyes
Personality: smart, shy, protective, violent if provoked
History: has no idea who her family is, adopted

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Name: April
Gender: F
Shift form: wolf
-Human: slender, long brown hair, blue eyes, t-shirts and jeans almost all of the time, freckles across her nose
- Shift: tan pelt, blue eyes, dark brown flecks over muzzle
Personality: goofy, calm, funny, loves to smile, can be aggressive if need be, bite is worse that bite(though bark is bad too)
Crush/Mate: Alec
History: all will be revealed in time... Once I figure it out :)
Other: dreams of having other shapeshifter friends, though feels it will never happen

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Julia Horan Name: Alec
Gender: F
Shift Form: Wolf
-Human: get later
-Shift Form: get later
Personality: smart, shy at first, outgoing when you get to know him, funny, flirty, loving, sweet, immature at times, hot tempered when needed.
Crush/Mate: April
History: I'll get later

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Christina (soleilaveclapluie) | 48 comments Name: Alisha Williams
Gender: Female...seriously, is there a guy named Alisha anywhere? I feel for that boy.
Age: 15
Grade: 9th
Shift Form: Fox
Looks: ~Human: Alisha is rather limber and petite, but don't let that fool you, she can kick the ass even the toughest guy in the world before he even blinks. She had pale skin that she hates (seriously, it practically glows) because she's easily spotted in a crowd or just where ever. She has aubourn hair that she really doesn't pay attention to so she just puts it up in a ponytail, a braid, etc. Her face is surprsingly free of freckles except for the occaisional one that is just there. She has plain, brown eyes that aren't really that special, but she has really good eyesight.
~Shift: Just your average fox.
Personality: She acts in a way that some people would call "cocky," but really, she feels like she is just too clever for everyone. Even though her tough attitude might make most people not trust her, she is actucally very loyal and brave when it comes to her friends and is an excellent ally. Even though she says she'll never have a romanctic interest in anyone EVER, she is actually very lonely and quite the hopeless romantic and can fall in love easily if she is not careful.
Crush: n/a She doesn't waste her time on stupid things like this.
BF/GF: See above.
Family: She doesn't know her real family, seeing as she was taken from her parents at birth when scientsits saw she was "different."
History: A secret. She doesn't tell anyone.
Other: Is a surprisingly good singer but doesn't like showing it off.

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Omg I'm in love! So making a guy fox

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Name: Jake
Gender: male, duh
Shift form: fox
-Human: blonde short hair that is longer in the front slightly and sometimes gets in his blue eyes, extremely muscled, faded jeans, chain around his neck that has guitar picks on it

- Shift: average fox
Personality: funny, caring, great listener, good at giving advice, sensitive, large capacity for love, understanding, accepting
Crush/Mate: open
History: tba
Other: can play any instrument you put in front of him, and play it well. loves church, well more is spiritual.

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Christina (soleilaveclapluie) | 48 comments Is he modeled after a certain Jakw we both know? *raises her eyebrows suggestively*

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You can shut up now. And yes.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) can you shift into more than one thing and do you have to be accepted by a mod

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1 thing only. And u can just jump in

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) can you ancer me

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I did

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Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) name:has no real name calls her self gem
shift form:wolve
human-gold hair sky blue eyes
wolve-silver fur Sapphire or gem eyes
perso:sweet kind funny hates to be the center of atenchin if she is some times will faint
shift:super strong and fast and can beat most anyone
history:dose not like to talk about
other:16 years old

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