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April woke up and yawned. She rubbed her eyes and stepped out of bed. After a luxurious stretch, she walked down stairs to get some breakfast.

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Autumn Moore "Uuuuuhhhhhhh" groaned Tammy. It was the first day of school. Tammy hated school. Unless she was angry, she was to shy to say anything at all. Plus there was homework.

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April got dressed and put on her messenger bag and walked out the door to the woods by her house. She sifted to wolf form and ran to school. The clothes didn't rip off like they did in Twilight. She sighed inwardly. Hollywood screwed with so many secret truths.

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Autumn Moore Tammy had to wake up three hours early if she wanted to actually pay attention in school. She had found that unless she took time to run and hunt in wolf form before school she got all antsy. Plus, she liked to run to school.

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(let them meet at school not in the woods)
April arrived at school, in her human form. She would have hunted, but she ate breakfast already and was already full. Spraying on vanilla scented body mist to get rid of the smell of the woods, and stepped into school.

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Autumn Moore ((yeah, that's what I thought to. Tammy lives on the other side of school then April))

Tammy absolutely hated school. She was already late, and smelled like the forest.

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(I shall meet her now)
April was about to go to her locker when she ran into a girl who smelt like how she had smelt a second ago. She immediately knew what this girl was. April pulled out her body spray.
"Want some? I know how you feel."

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Autumn Moore "What?" said Tammy. Nnnooo one ever talked to her at school. Especially like pretty popular one like this person.

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"Want some body spray? You smell like you have been hunting since six! Shapeshifter right?" April said.

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Autumn Moore "How... How did you know? And do I really smell that bad?!" replied Tammy. She was in shock. Another person like her!

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"cuz I'm one too. And yeah," she replied.
(I gotta go I'll be back at 8:45)

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Autumn Moore "Um, well, thanks." Tammy said blushing. She wasn't that good with people. "Thanks for the body spray, I guess"

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"Your welcome. What do you shift to?" April asked. She sounded nonchalant, but inside she was squealing. Another shapeshifter! Someone else who understood. this was what she had hoped for since her first shift when she was five. It had been horrible. She had been with her best friend, exploring the woods and suddenly shifted. Her friend had been too close. She told her mom there was a bear. No there wasn't. It was her. And she never stopped blaming herself for it.

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Autumn Moore "You mean you can shift to a animal other then a wolf?" Tammy asked.

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"i guess. My dad was a bear. IT was kinda cool really. Exept he left before i shifted so i didnt know that he was too untill later." she said shrugging. "Come on we will be late for class."

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Autumn Moore "thanks for the help, but I think we are already late for class." Tammy said, half laughing. She finally found someone who understood her.

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"I dont want to go to class. My mom won't care seeing as she doesnt care that i exist. If she could divorce me like she divorced my dad, i'd br gone by now."

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Autumn Moore "Wow." Tammy said speechless. "I'm sorry. I live with a foster family so I can kind of understand that. But hey, at least you have the forests."

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"Yeah...Let's skip today. I want to learn about your life."

(i got a profile picture!!!!!!)

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Autumn Moore (How'd you get a profile pick!!)
"yeah, lets go outside."

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April led the way to the edege of the froest and smiled. Then she shifted.
"LEts go," She gestured.

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Autumn Moore Tammy changed, then leaped into the trees. She loved being a wolf. She loved the strength, the power, the senses, the speed. Being a wolf just felt right. I t certainly felt better then being human.

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April streaked the trees. she stopped in a clearing and shifted back to human to talk.

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Autumn Moore Tammy followed April into the woods. They stopped in a clearing. Tammy reluctantly shifted to human form.

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"so whats your story?" April asked.

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Autumn Moore "I really don't have one. Both my parents are dead, or gone. I don't know who or what they were. I don't even know if they were like us." Tammy sighed. "I don't even know there names."

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"Thats rough. MY dad was a shifter, but he was a bear. And he left before i was a shifter too, so i couldnt ask him questions beacause he was gone and i dont know where he is to this day. My mom acts as if i dont exist, she doesnt look at me im a 'total disgrace to the family'" she made air qoutes.

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Autumn Moore "that's rough. What happened? I mean why does your mom like, ignore you" Tammy sighed. She never knew the right thing to say.

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April laughed an unhumorus laugh."She thinks that being a shifter means that you are filth."She sighed."Truthfully, she's the filth. IF you have the nerve to ignore your own daughters well being, you aren't even a paqrent anymore, your a torturer."

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Autumn Moore "You actually told your mom? My foster parents wouldn't have believed me if i turned in front of them!" Tammy was astounded. She couldn't even imagine telling anyone else.

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"Well yeah. She already knew Dad was one, so I figured she would be used to it." April shrugged."I was wrong."

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Autumn Moore "Yeah. I bet your mom thinks that the only reason your dad walked out was because he was a shape shifter, and so she's afraid your walk out to."

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April shook her head."No. She tells me she hates me on a daily basis."

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Autumn Moore "I know I never had a mom, but I can't imagine a mom not loving her daughter." Tammy knew she had to make April feel better. Whenever Tammy saw someone in any pain she couldn't help but help.

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April sighed."Well it's possible." she plucked at grass.

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Autumn Moore Tammy sat down on a fallen tree. she didn't quite know what to say.

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April sighed, and shifted wolf. She motioned with her tail to move forward.

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Autumn Moore Tammy shifted. She jumped after April.

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April walked towards the direction of a river.

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Autumn Moore Tammy smelled a river. She had never been in this part of the forest

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April walked casually up to the familiar river, and lapped up a few dropped. Then she laid down to take a nap.

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Autumn Moore Tammy decided to run for a while. If she was skipping school then she might as well have some fun doing it.

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Christina (soleilaveclapluie) | 48 comments Alisha woke up in the early morning under the rock she had decided to use as shelter for the time being. She was still in shift form (she was always a fox whenever alseep in case of predators and other things like that)and quickly un-shifted, her pale human body returning to her in the exact same clothes she's been traveling with: black jeans and a black hoodie zipped all the way with the hood to conceal her bright hair so she wouldn't be spotted. She didn't want to be taken bu the government again, after all, or be mistaken for a "feral child" again. She scowled, it took her forever to escape from that one.
'Time to keep moving,' she thought and re-did her long aubourn hair into a side pony-tail and packed up her small pack with her survival nessescities. Once she had finished said act, she moved deftly through the tightly packed trees in the search of another hunting spot. She had just run out of meat and her stomach would be rumbling soon.
If someone asked her where she was going and why, Alisha wouldn't be able to answer. She didn't know. No one did. She doesn't have any family or friends (seeing as she was captured at birth once scientists found out about her shifting abilities. They had told her she was an orphan, but she had never trusted their stories) so she didn't see any point of sticking around or anything. So she's decided to just keep moving on. It's not safe to stay in one place for a long time. You could call her a drifter, a runaway, or a lost soul, she wouldn't care. As long as you didn't bother her she would leave you alone. But if you did...well, let's just say you won't be alive for much longer.

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Autumn Moore ((awesome post))
Tammy smelled a human scent. But it wasn't quite human. It was a fox scent mixed with a human. "a shifter!" Tammy howled to April. "I think I smell a fox shape shape shifter!" Then Tammy saw the girl. Tammy started to shift, thinking about what she would do if a huge wolf ran up to her. Tammy ran right in front of the girl and said all in a rush "Hi, I'm Tammy, I could smell you, your a fox shifter, right?"

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April rolled her blue eyes. "Smooth Tammy. " she walked over slowly and shifted to her wolf form. Her fur stood up in embarrassing directions and she shook her fur into place, reaviling a real beautiful wolf-girl thing. She sighed. "I'm April. You are?"

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Christina (soleilaveclapluie) | 48 comments (Why thank you. I take pride in my work)
Alisha whipped around at the sound of the other shifter. Her hand instinctively pulled out the dagger kept on her belt loop for when she was in human form and held it right to her assailant's chest. Her face was stone cold and emotionless, so she could intimidate her possible attacker without showing weakness.
"Who are you and what the hell do you want?" Alsiha questioned, pressing the dagger harder into the girl's chest. "You have sixty seconds before I stab you right in your heart."
Now, Alisha may seem like a cruel person, but she really wasn't. Since she had grown up alone, the only living creatures she ever interacted with were the scientists, random campers, other animals, and the occainsional botonist, she didn't trust people. She was surprised she hadn't gone completely bat-shit crazy by now, but it was probably because of her need to survive and prosper, and she wasn't going to get killed off easily. No, not at all.

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Autumn Moore Tammy grinned a huge full grin. She liked this girl. She did one thing wrong, though. She held the dagger to far away from herself. Tammy calmly kicked the dagger out of the girls hands. "Now, I think we can talk. My names Tammy I I smelled you in the forest. You smell like a mix of human and fox, so I knew you were a shape shifter like me. So I what I want, really, is to know what you want."

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Christina (soleilaveclapluie) | 48 comments (*^* I just edited my post to match Alex' I have to fix it again...)

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Autumn Moore ((sorry))

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