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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Stadnik (exodus69) | 12 comments Hello everyone,

I am looking for individuals to read my recently completed novel, Tales Of A Former Child Superhero. It's a superhero fiction novel, 70,000 words in length. I would send a hardcopy of the book to you to read, and all I ask is that you post a review (good or bad) here on goodreads.

For anyone interested you can contact me at To learn more about me you can visit my website at I also have a video for the novel up on youtube (

Thanks and hope to hear from you!

Frida Fantastic (book blogger) (fridafantastic) | 5 comments No e-book? No Smashwords? :(

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Stadnik (exodus69) | 12 comments Frida,

I'm doing a giveaway contest for the book now, hardcopy only. The book is available as an ebook from amazon and barnes and noble.

message 4: by Frida Fantastic (last edited Apr 19, 2011 02:53PM) (new)

Frida Fantastic (book blogger) (fridafantastic) | 5 comments Quick reply!

I'd recommend that whenever you're posting about a book on a message board, to add the ebook link on the post.

I do a lot of browsing on Goodreads/Mobileread/Kindleboards for my indie SF review blog. If an e-book reader/blogger doesn't see the words "e-book", they might just pass over the work altogether.

With that aside, I enjoy reading superhero fiction. If I like the sample, would you send me an ebook review copy in exchange for a review on Goodreads/Amazon/the review blog/etc. ?

message 5: by Cindi (new)

Cindi | 5 comments My niece's husband really enjoys books like yours! I will be seeing him soon and could give him the book to read and review...Many thanks, Cindi

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