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Woodsmen of the West by Martin Allerdale Grainger So from Ontario, we travel west to the rough frontiers of British Columbia on the other side of the young country. I don't know much about this one, so it should be a nice surprise. Martin Allerdale Grainger

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It's taken me quite a long time to read this one, even though it's not that long a book (plus it's episodic, so one might think it would go quickly).

It reminded me quite a lot of Moby-Dick without all of the biblical overtones--the western loggers were rather a secular bunch--and without the extensive descriptions of the process (in this case, of logging). I liked Marty and his self-deprecation--he seemed to embody the amateur outsider, just there to observe the culture into which he'd been dropped. Carter, the obsessive, cruel taskmaster seemed a close cousin of Ahab.

I loved to read the descriptions of frontier life. I think the illustration of the Western ideal, the Western character, is still today the mythos in which Western Canadians see themselves: tough, uncomplaining, independent, active, educated by doing rather than reading books.

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