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Lisarenee | 7659 comments Iron Kissed (Mercedes Thompson, #3) by Patricia Briggs
This topic is open for discussion of Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. It is the third book in the Mercy Thompson series and part of our second Group series read. Be prepared for SPOILERS.

Description on Goodreads:
The lighter moments of Mercedes Thompson's days are spent tinkering with VWs. When she's not workings, this attractive, shape-shifting auto mechanic is busy fighting wrongdoers and attempting to sort out her somewhat messy love life. In this, the third Mercy Thompson novel, Ms. Fix-It must work overtime to save her former boss and mentor from a homicide charge.

Number of pages: 287

message 2: by Sans (new)

Sans This one made me cry. At a Whole Foods in New York. ~_~

Was anyone else really relieved with how the Mercy/Adam/Samuel love triangle worked out? I was really wondering how Mercy was going to choose. It may have seemed like a cop out, but I'm so happy that Samuel loves her as pack, not as a mate. He's just too broken and Adam genuinely loves her, not the idea of her. I do worry about Sam though. Is he still living with Mercy in the rest of the books? I hope he finds someone to patch his heart together. He needs someone to take care of and love unconditionally.

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Lisarenee | 7659 comments I really liked Sam over Adam at this point in the series. Adam eventually grew on me, but it really took some time. It's funny, but I hardly ever see any of Brigg's books at thrift stores. I wonder if everyone keeps them?

message 4: by Sans (new)

Sans Adam is definitely more caveman than Sam is at most times, but he's got a pack to care for and his claimed mate is not getting with the program, so to speak. Sam (arguably) doesn't care about anything anymore. Even Mercy says it's like he's acting, pretending to be involved in life, but his reactions are off, like he has to analyze how he should react to a situation.

But then I wonder if he did take Mercy for his mate, would that bring him out of whatever dark hole his soul crawled into? I don't doubt he would do everything and anything for Mercy (while unintentionally smothering her at the same time), but is that what he needs? He was already starting to break before his girlfriend in Texas had that abortion. That seemed to push him over the edge. Is there a way for him to come back?

Sorry, rambling here. I heard somewhere that, while Briggs won't write a book on Bran (boooooo! I want a Bran book!) she is considering giving Sam his own book. I'd love to see that!

A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) (avidreader68) | 724 comments And the Anita Blake similarities continue and I mean that in a totally good way. I really love this series and was glad the triangle was resolved fairly early on in it. I was really dreading a Stephanie Plum situation. Ugh!

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