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The journals of Brian Aldiss

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message 1: by Shane (last edited Mar 01, 2011 12:44PM) (new)

Shane | 26 comments Mod
Just noticed that some extracts from the author's journals are up at It seems to be worth a look for anyone with an interest in the man and his writing.

"For a good many years I have been keeping a journal. Originally, it was secret, the volumes locked in a London bank.

Not the Journals have grown into a Project.
All sorts of items are tipped into a volume, illustrations, cuttings and whatever interests me.
Journals are still handwritten in A5 hardbound notebooks.

The series will eventually go to the Bodleian library in my hometown of Oxford. There follow a few pages from volume 65, in the summer of 2009."

message 2: by Mirek (new)

Mirek | 4 comments My first thoughts;

Oh my Akhanaba. Aldiss have map of Helliconia on his wall (see slide Journal09, bottom right).

I have similar map I've scanned from the "Helliconia Summer", fixed, printed and framed to put on my wall.

Mine is only black and white though.

Thanks for the links Shane!

P.S. Aldiss has interesting handwriting style for sure.

message 3: by Larry (new)

Larry (hal9000i) | 30 comments Yea I just noticed this feature, must investigate! I wonder if the forum is ever coming back too!

message 4: by Shane (new)

Shane | 26 comments Mod
That old link to the journals doesn't seem to work anymore, but this one does:

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