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EZ Read's Very Own "Jane Eyre" Giveaway!

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EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
I'm not sure if anyone on Goodreads knows this but I (Jenifer) am so crazy about "Jane Eyre", I'm fashioning my hair into a chignon and speaking in a British accent right. Now. Also, I am forcibly calling my husband "Rochester" and making him tuck his arm into his shirt...Oh YEAH!

Anyways, to celebrate this madness, we are having a "Jane Eyre" month party-thing and giving away movie tickets and hardcover editions of the book. (Which I will probably steal, like the Hamburglar) You can enter here:

Good luck to everyone! Just because I am picking the winner does not (always) mean that I will be stealing the prizes! :)


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Sunday (sundayfundaze) soooo beeeaauuutttiiifffuullll.

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EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
Oh! Don't forget to check out our Jane Eyre vimeo book discussion. Now with 10000% more elevator music!

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EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
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Our Jane Eyre prizes just came in the mail, you still have time to win here:

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EZRead eBookstore | 58 comments Mod
Alright, I can't take it anymore. Goodreads has all of this adorable "Jane Eyre" trailer-things going on, and the movie isn't coming out in my area for a whole TWO WEEKS. Killing me! Killing me! STABBING MY HEART!

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