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message 1: by Daffodil (new)

Daffodil (daffodil--ripcranberry) | 3 comments Firewalk by Ann Logston The author's name is mispelled in this record. It should be Anne Logston instead.

message 2: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckyofthe19and9) Corrected. :)

message 3: by Jo (new)

Jo Lewald | 4 comments Author's name misspelled book is "Mom's Crazy A Bipolar Memoir" Author's name should be Jo Carroll not Jo Carol.

Thank you for your help.

message 4: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl Yep....done on other thread.

message 5: by Jo (new)

Jo Lewald | 4 comments Thanks again if you are interested my book will be free in Kindle format on Amazon after midnight this Friday for 2 days, enjoy.

message 6: by Caleb (new)

Caleb (calebg) | 9 comments the last name of this author should be spelled Boult

message 7: by Amara (new)

Amara Tanith (aftanith) Got #6

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (cafenowhere) | 3 comments I misspelled the author name when entering info for Oracle Gretel by Julia Rios. (left off the "s") Can someone fix this for me?

message 9: by Amara (new)

Amara Tanith (aftanith) Fixed. :)

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (cafenowhere) | 3 comments Dang! You guys are fast! Thanks much. :)

message 11: by Miles (new)

Miles Gentry (miles_gentry) | 3 comments Right on Lisa, these librarians are amazing! Perhaps the most helpful and competent people online. :-)

message 12: by Patrícia (new)

Patrícia Xará (pxara) | 18 comments Hi! I need some help.

I just added this book but author name is not what I wrote. I tried to write Bárbara Jacobs but I get Barbara (without the accent), and it's not the same author. I tried to fix it but it doesn't change.

I want to combine it with this edition:

Thank you. :)

message 13: by lafon حمزة (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments got 12.

message 14: by Patrícia (new)

Patrícia Xará (pxara) | 18 comments Thank you! :)

message 15: by K. (new)

K. Matt (kmatt_hellbent) | 2 comments Hi. I could use some help. I've been trying to get all of my books linked to my profile on here. But I'm having trouble with one in particular.

I've managed to misspell my own name on that one. The author name is supposed to be Kayla Matt. I'd typed it as "Kaya Matt". If someone could help me with this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

message 16: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5022 comments #15 fixed

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