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Steakley's Armor: YA Read???

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message 1: by Osvaldo (new)

Osvaldo Ortega (oortega) I would like to recommend the book 'Armor' for our school-wide read (I teach at an adolescent boys' high school) I read Armor twice and I can't remember if the book is appropriate for the age group or not.

Any comments?


message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom (tjwebdude) | 11 comments No sex or harsh language that I remember. Lots of bug guts and brains. Some might say its a glorification of violence, but those people would be missing the point. It's the exact opposite of that... an indictment of violence, military bureaucracy and the psychological costs of war.

One of my favorite SciFi books. Too bad we didn't get more out of Steakley before he passed away.

It's no more inappropriate for the age group than "Red Badge of Courage," which I recall reading in Jr. High.

Making 'Armor' a read in school would qualify you for coolest teacher of the year (in my opinion).

message 3: by Osvaldo (new)

Osvaldo Ortega (oortega) Thanks man, I will push for it strongly, and may grab another copy soon (I hate the new cover)

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 1081 comments In the introduction to Ender's Game, Card says that a guy in the first gulf war loved both his book and Armot, it is what got him through the war.

message 5: by Osvaldo (new)

Osvaldo Ortega (oortega) I emailed the head of the committee with your remarks and a picture of the back cover. I do hope I am the coolest teacher of the year for this!

message 6: by Osvaldo (new)

Osvaldo Ortega (oortega) The book has been chosen and I confess, I am thrilled.

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