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Introduce yourself, and tell us why you're a Yuki fan.

Hey, I'm Gwynzie, your admin! I was a Yuki fan the minute he made his appearance in the manga. His character is so deep and layered that I find it hard *not* to be a fan. He's funny, kicks ass (espacially Kyo's), always polite to everyone, and not to mention hot. Yes, I know I sound like a cliche, but there's no other way to put it.

message 2: by Lydia Smedry (new)

Lydia Smedry | 21 comments You are such a pervert, Gwyn. I actually like Yuki's caracter not his looks. *sigh* If only you were this devoted to harvest moon....

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Now now, my sister, I am NOT a pervert. Don't put me on Shigure's level, even if I am Year of the Dog. If you haven't noticed that Yuki's good-looking then you're absolutely blind and a shame to the female sex. Did you not notice that the first thing I said that I liked was his deeply layered character? *sigh* So unobservant.

As for Harvest Moon... CLIFFLES!!

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Haha... Cliffles... Call me a shame to the female sex. I'm no the one who wants to fall asleep to Yuki's voice. As I said earlier, you are no longer obsessed you are posessed. Btw do you think any one else will ever join this little group?

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Oh, I don't know. I think their are other fans...

Now now, just because I find Aya Hisakawa's portrayal of Yuki to be dead-on and enjoy listening to his voice and yes, want a montage of his lines to play while I go to sleep does not mean I'm obsessed. It only means that I'm posessed by the spirit of the one posessed by the spirit of the Rat. lol.

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Haha that joke again... lol

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes, our inside joke lives on!

message 8: by Lydia Smedry (new)

Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Not like anyone else is here to question it anyway!

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Oh glory! Another member! Welcome, Yuki fan, welcome! *claps* I'm so happy to have another member! *claps again*

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments @Sai, Welcome to the group! And we didn't post becasue we happen to be sisters and we discuss Yuki PLENTY at home. @Gwyn, are you still on?

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@Lydia- Yes, I am. Where are you? Clyde or Fremont?

message 12: by Lydia Smedry (new)

Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Fremont. Oh, and Yuki is calling Tohru Honda-san now!!! (On his page) Plus, he smiled at me!! *faints*

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OMG!!!! Going to go look at that now! Go, Yuki-kun! We knew you could do it. Sai, we're referring to one of the Yuki pages on Facebook that we frequent. He was talking to Tohru and calling 'Miss Honda' like he does in the ENglish dub. Bleh. Japanese is so much better, don't you think?

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Yuki smiled at me....

message 15: by Lydia Smedry (new)

Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Motoko-senpai shall be jealous!!

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments I'll see you in twenty minutes my dear sister. Becca has just informed me that we have to leave now.

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Ugh, I know. Yuki's voice is so messed up. He has no emotion whatsoever. And the pronunciations drive me nuts. Shigure calls Ayame Aaya like he should, but pronounces it EH-ya instead of AH-ya. And even if I don't like him, Kyo is not pronounced KI-yo. It's Kyo. Just Kyo. And Shigure is Shee-gu-ray, not Shih-gu-ray. Come on, peoples get it right! Just a few of the qualms I have with the English dub, there's many many more.

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Oh yes, so many more. We could also bring up that Tohru sounds SO American. I don'r if the voice actor is American Tohru's Japanese.

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ya u r so right

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Hi Anna! Welcome to the group!

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Two pairs of sisters! XD Irrashai, Anna!

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments Random Japanese? Whats it mean?

message 23: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 27, 2011 08:33AM) (new)

It means 'welcome' my dim-witted nee-chan.

message 24: by Lydia Smedry (new)

Lydia Smedry | 21 comments You call me dim-witted but I watched you type that. You spelled it 'din-witted' at first so I don't trust your opinion.

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OMG! So sorry! *is tempted to go Ritsu but is keeping restraint in order* But that's awesome, because even with such a small number, we have a guy in the gruop! *fist pump*

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Lydia Smedry | 21 comments You must watch this video! Its awesome! The first time I saw it I was literally crying. Ignore that the lyrics say its about a girl. It doesn't matter. This AMV is one of the best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT8M1M...

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Yes, she really did cry. I was watching it for the third time, but it was her first. I looked over and there were TEARS running down her face. O_O I must say that I teared up when I first saw it too, but then I spend so much time evaluating Yuki's character and his past that I can cry at the smallest things related to it.

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All right, so I am making a 'chat' discussion topic. I suggest we move there? Hai?

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