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Book Club Q2 2011 - Nominations Open

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message 1: by Sheldon (new)

Sheldon (sheldonnylander) | 10 comments Mod
Hey, folks!

So, I'm not sure how many people decided to partake of the Q1 2011 group read of The Yiddish Policemen's Union. It doesn't seem to have stirred much discussion, at least not here, yet. Well, there's still a month left on the read.

But that being said, for those who wish to continue doing a group read, now would be a good time to start selecting our group read for the second quarter. I'll say that we can have nominations open for a week, closing on Sunday, 3/6, then voting for a couple of weeks. This should give enough time to make the selection and give everyone a chance to obtain the book.

Happy reading!

message 2: by Bobcesca (new)

Bobcesca | 11 comments Huh. I totally missed this. Though, from the list you posted in D&D, I'd be up for reading Eco's The Name of the Rose again. I'll probably read the Postscript again as well.

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