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Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 187 comments Mod
DIscussion thread for Stargate SG1 - #16 - Four Dragons

Stargate SG-1 Four Dragons (SG1, #16) by Diana Dru Botsford

What did you think of the plot? Characters? Writing? Any favorite dialogue/scenes? Share your thoughts and comments below!

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth  (canadianbeth) | 28 comments I really liked this one. Set during season 7 after Daniel comes back, it involves what was supposed to be an easy mission to a planet with a lot of Chinese ruins on it. Daniel becomes a prisoner of Lord Yu and the others have to rescue him, with much hampering by a Chinese ambassador with secrets of his own. Some very intersting history about Lord Yu, who is of course a Goa'uld but not, it appears, quite like the others.

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