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Eye of The World

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message 1: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments So I will be finishing "Ringworld" within the next day or two and, luckily, I just bought "Eye of the World." I'll be reading that next and if anyone wants to discuss the book, I'd love to open a discussion in the group.

message 2: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) Well, I'm in the process of preparing myself for the third book, so.. sure x'D
The first thing you'll notice: the writing is awesome.

message 3: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Sounds great!

message 4: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Hmm, Whats it about? I could use a new series to read.

message 5: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) Well, the goodreads summary sucks, so... Basically it's about three young men from a small village, Two Rivers. Their village is attacked by dark forces, controlled by The Dark One, looking for all boys born around the time that they were born.. because of the prophecy of the return of the dragon. So they flee, thinking they can come back some day.. but ultimately they will never be able to escape their harsh destinies. One of them is the dragon, doomed to lose his mind and everyone he loves in the battle against the dark one, but the other two are just as important in their own way.
Magic, sword-fighting, Trollocs and classic Fantasy writing.. This series has it all.
It's friggin huge though.

It's a lot more epic than I made it sound.

message 6: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments It sounds so awesome! I'm really excited. Dylan, you should read it too, if you want.

message 7: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) It sounds like i should give it a chance, hmm. Ill have to look for it next time i go to barnes and noble, so I wont have it until atleast Saturday. So Ill be a bit behind you but ill catch up!

message 8: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Cool, can't wait.

message 9: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments So, I've just received the copy of "Moondogs" I won in a givaway. I promised the author in a message that I would read it as soon as I got it. So Eye of the World might be slow at first for me because I'm going to try to start reading "Moondogs" tomorrow.

message 10: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Hey that works for me, I have to read "World War Z" after i finish the book im reading now anyway. Plus i dont even have Eye of the world yet haha.

message 11: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments That works out nicely.

message 12: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) hey i just received a book i won too, haha its only 92 pages though so i can finish it in a day after World War Z, im going to get Eye of the World tomorrow though!

message 13: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Cool. What book is it?

message 14: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Uncle Sam’s Carnival of Copulating Inanimals That book there, I just entered the giveaway to try and win something haha dont even know if ill like the book.

Hope I will.

message 15: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) So, i already finish Uncle Sam's Carnival, and i dont really like World War Z, so i think im just gonna start Eye of the World.

World War Z has no protagonist anyway so even if i take a break from there is nothing to forget, every chapter is basically its own story. SO im thinking about it. but EYe of the world is a bit big anyway so even if i start it now its not like ill get too far ahead.

message 16: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Sounds like a plan.

message 17: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Started The book last night! Im just gonna read a chapter a day until you start reading it, this way i dont get too far in front. i like it so far, especailly the way he writes

message 18: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments I have just begun reading "Eye of the World" and finished "Moondogs." You can see the video review here:
If you guys ever get a chance, definitely read "Moondogs." It was great.

message 19: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Excellent! I shall have to see about getting it after Eye of the World.

And even better, you can start Eye of the World!, i know i said id read a little bit at a time but i havent really been able to control that haha its really good. im only on page 173 so im not too far ahead, but try and catch up i wanna talk about the book!

message 20: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) OMG I KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW!!! I've totally seen your videos, Aaron. Haha!
Hopefully I can join your conversation, if I remember the first book well enough ^-^

message 21: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Dylan: Awesome! I'm glad your enjoying the book. I'll try to catch up, but you don't have to wait for me.

Kaisa: It's SO COOL that you've seen my videos! I've seen yours, also, and there awesome!

message 22: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Well if you like it as much as me, you'll catch up in no time, the characters are great and the storyline is just getting to the point where I don't wanna stop! I'd have to say Rand or.
is my favourite character.

message 23: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) I love Rand for obvious reasons (he's the main character and he gets most of the action) But I also love Perrin. He's the guy I'd love to meet IRL =P He seems so laid back and non-annoying, unlike Mat.....

message 24: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) hah typo! i meant to say Rand or Lan!

But i dont think i have gotten far enough to make fair judgement on Perrin. Mat also hasnt gotten annoying yet to me, but i definitely see him as the annoying one

message 25: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments My favorite thing about the beginning of the book is the village "politics." Nynaeve can't catch a brake! Half of what comes out of the villagers mouths is what a horrible Wisdom she is. It's a shame it's so late, because I really want to keep reading.

message 26: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) Yeah, and most of it is: She's too young.
B.S =(

message 27: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) She takes it pretty well though, shes certainly more than able to handle herself. I can think of a few instances when Rand is afraid to make eye contact

message 28: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) i now agree with you Kaisa, i hate Mat right now, find him pretty high up on the most annoying characters list from the books ive read.

message 29: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) Yes!!! I know. And he gets worse... Oh, he gets so much worse. I don't like Nynaeve either lol. Being stubborn is one thing.. Being annoying is something else.
But the rest of the "cast" is great. Love Lan =) Love Rand.. Perrin.. Moiraine. =) Well written characters

message 30: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Also dont give me toooo much info, BUT. the character Min. She creeps me out a lot. Does she stay a minor character or do i see more of her?

again try to be as general as possible, i dont want too much revealed!

message 31: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) x'DD Well, here's me being general: you'll see more of her. Not as a major character, but she'll pop up again.
She'll probably pop up more in future books as well, I'm not an expert, cuz I've only read two of the books.
I like her too =)

message 32: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) Just re-read the thing, you don't like her? You do? x'D Agh, it doesn't matter. I like her.

message 33: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Haha i havent decided yet if i like! As of right now she just kinda creeps me out, but ive only seen her once at the Stag and Lion Inn (thats what its called right?, well whatever, that inn!) so i cant judge fairly yet

message 34: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Mat isn't bothering me yet, but I'm not so sure I like Nynaeve. I'm just starting chapter 4 (the gleeman) and she seems like someone I'm going to become annoyed with. Also Egwene gives me a similar impression.

message 35: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Egwene grew on me, but i still dont like Nynaeve and im on chapter 25.

I cant decide if i like Perrin or Mat more, but i just met a character called Elyas and i really like him so far. He's mysterious and off his rocker, wondrous.

message 36: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) Something very annoying about this series: The women. The only woman I think I actually like in this series is Moiraine. The rest of them are too stubborn and fussy. And they're major characters, so they have just as many chapters as the rest of them, which makes me want to skip chapters x'D Seriously. I just sit and wait for Rand or Perrin's chapters. Especially Rand's chapters.
We'll see what you guys think. I haven't been able to discuss this series with anyone before. lol.

message 37: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Well as im halfway through the book i cant judge completely yet, but the only women characters ive enjoyed have been the minor ones, the ones that are there for a chapter or two, like Min! (even though she still creeps me out). Also the wife of the Blacksmith, Alsbet i think her name was? I liked her for some reason hahaha/

message 38: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments I'm afraid I'll need to delay finishing The Eye of the World when I get my next goodreads book. Any free books I get become my next review book. I'll keep reading and discussing it, but I won't be finishing for a little while.

Sorry! D:

message 39: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) no big deal, i have to read a book i won too. but i only have like 270pages left, so i can read that this weekend no problem. Next time we do a group book, maybe we should try starting that one at the same time? haha

message 40: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Haha, Yeah I guess so. It's getting good thought. Tam and Rand have just been attacked by trollocs at the farm.

message 41: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Finished it, thought it was freaking brilliant!

wrote a review (im not good at that yet, dont judge it hard haha)

message 42: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) I realize this discussion died ages ago XD, but i thought id say it anyway, Im starting the next book in the series tonight, its 100 pages shorter than the other one <3 haha, im excited

Aaron, when are you gonna read this book man! haha you started it aggeeees ago

message 43: by DW (new)

DW Andrew Delcourt (delcourt) | 15 comments Haha, I'm so sorry. I know I said I would read it. I was for a while, but it was too long to finish in one week. I try to do one book review a week. Unfortunately, I'm graduating from high school in a few weeks and I won't have time for regular reviews until my schedule calms down. Hopefully I'll have time this summer to catch up on my reading. If not I'll post book related vlogs when I'm busy. Since I'm going to be an English major, I might even make my short stories available. woot!

message 44: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (coban3) Excuses! Im graduating too! but i understand haha its cool.

Out of curiousity where are you going next year? Im going to Ursinus, bio major<3

message 45: by Kaisa (new)

Kaisa (maxiemagyx) Why is everyone graduating from high school? lol. I feel so old in this community.

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