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Jori | 13 comments Mod
Talk about anything that has really inspired you to write, your latest writing, the best thing you've ever writen(in your opinon), and anything else that you feel like saying! It doesn't have to be about writing. ;)

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Brad | 3 comments I have writen two novels, one is complete and already published, The Pig movie. The other is still unfinished, but closer than it was a week ago. I ghost write a comic book

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Jori | 13 comments Mod
That is so cool!

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Thomara Briscoe Heres one iv'e done lately

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Jori | 13 comments Mod
Thomara wrote: "Heres one iv'e done lately

I have one problem with it, Dr. Davidoff is kinda dead lol. Other than that, it's pretty good.

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Thomara Briscoe yea i know but i just thought id add a little different things here and there lol and the story is still going on most likely ill kill him again lol i really didn't like him!

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Jori | 13 comments Mod
Yeah! Lol. I really hated him 2.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ I'm writing a series. Here's what the 'before you read' thing on book 1; The Bermudian Beginning is:

7 year old, animal whisperer, Jose Dragontail from the state of South Carolina is going to visit his great grandpa Vanice in Africa. But there is one problem: He has to fly over the Bermuda Triangle. The Adventures don't match what happens in other kinds. Read as Jose untangles the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and finds that the dragons of his ancestors aren't just statues...

I made that up right this minute

btw: The book starts as Jose being 7, but it skips 6 years later when he is 13

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