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message 1: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
A Lonely Death is one of the 3 books that won in our polls for the March Group Read.

message 2: by Chad (new)

Chad Huckabaa Started this book today, finished about 1/4 of it. Not sure yet how well I'm going to like it. A couple of things bothering me, and maybe I'm being nitpicky for so early in the book, but (and I don't want to give anything away) from the way the book started, I'd have expected by now to have a clearer picture of the antagonist, so I kind of feel like the book is a bit stalled. Also, for being a period piece, I'd like to have more of a feel for the differences in the living conditions of the time. It's not bothering me to the point that I don't want to continue, may just be this author's style (1st book I've read by him)

message 3: by Chad (new)

Chad Huckabaa Well, I've finished this one, and while the story picked up some from my last post, I just was never able to really get invested in it. Couldn't really bring myself to care about the characters (except for maybe Muffin), and in some cases wasn't able to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the resolutions to the story lines. I probably won't be looking to pick up others by this author, just because there's so much other stuff to read.

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