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Human trafficking for begging: neglected issue

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message 1: by Iveta (new)

Iveta Cherneva (ivetacherneva) | 2 comments Hello everyone. I just joined the group today. I write on human rights issues, especially human trafficking. This is a group whereby people meet live, I see. I wondered if we might get some online discussions started as well. In any case, nice to meet you all.

message 2: by Iveta (new)

Iveta Cherneva (ivetacherneva) | 2 comments A quick news on human trafficking.

Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore join the UN in an anti-trafficking campaign. UN victims fund tries to allocate $1 million to front line NGOs.

Kind of cool. Read more at http://bit.ly/g7Y8ry

message 3: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Doh (Seyram) | 1 comments Nice to meet you too Iveta,hope you are doing well ?I also joined the group three days ago and progressively becoming very instereted in the goodreads.com and hoping to meet good people like you and others from other countries as well.
Would also like to have a good discussive relationship with and others.
Iveta,Please I can't read the books posted on the website can you educate me abit on how have access to the books ?
Hoping to you hearing from you again and believe soon.

message 4: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (rainbow_jenny) | 1 comments Mod
Hi Benjamin,
Please take a look at
for more information.

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