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message 1: by Linda (new)

Linda Wilkinson | 2 comments After last night awards, I´m planning to read The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, the book in which the Social Network is based on.

message 2: by Shyangel (new)

Shyangel | 1 comments I'm planning on reading that book too!
As well I would look into "The Kings Speech" too. It looks interesting :)

message 3: by Lynsay (new)

Lynsay Tervit (lynsaytea) | 2 comments I would leave a bit of time between watching the Social Network and reading The Accidental Billionaires - i read the book immediately after watching the film, and its almost scene-for-scene similar!! I enjoyed both but it is a very very faithful adaptation!

I'm planning to read True Grit!!

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