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My opinions about the book...

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Ashley This book was incredible...

I don't want to make this a spoiler, but I cant help but write what I am about to write.... so if you haven't read or finished the book, please don't read any further.

Firstly, the sex scene was some what of a disappointment to me... I think a bit more description would have been nice. :-\

Secondly, her becoming pregnant... was definitely nothing I considered while waiting for the release of the book... came as a total shock to me, which was GREAT. :-)

Thirdly, Edward wanting to get rid of the baby as soon as he found out... made his character go down in my eyes, although I know his intentions were in the best interest of Bella. Still...

Fourthly, the relationship between Rosalie and Bella was a shock... even though I don't think Rosalie cares at all for Bella... at least they have a bond now... better than nothing.

Fifthly, Bella becoming a vampire by Edward, because Carlisle wasn't there, seemed planned... I wish Carlisle had been there but that Edward had WANTED to do it...

Sixthly, I cant picture Bella's vampire image... but I cant wait to see what they are going to do for the movie... they had better make her BEAUTIFUL!!!

Seventhly, Alice and Jasper taking off was a complete surprise... and Bella actually being smart enough to find the clues and keep them from Edward... amazing, something she couldn't have done while being human... no doubt.

Eighthly, The Volturi and all that mess just seemed to go so well... I wish there would have been more ACTION.

But heck everyone... it was a GREAT ending and I couldn't have asked for better. Loved the book :-)

Eden I want to address all of your points

First, the whole sex scene thing was understandable- it was for a younger audience but you're right Eclipse was more graphic

Second, I thought the pregnant thing was worrisome at first but I thought it turned out well. I didn't think Bella was a mother at first but the whole world turning was very well done- quite close to imprinting- I wonder if that was intentional

Third, Edward's character did go down, but I thought that added to the value of the book- no plot can progress without change

Forth, I think that Rosalie is terrifying for bonding with Bella. I mean if you really think about it the concept of only caring for the child is really scary. Better than nothing- possibly but I can't imagine seeing Rosalie upset if Bella died in childbirth

Fifth, That DID seem planned to me! Carlisle really should have been there anyway

Sixth, well- not much to comment but I'm stoked for the movie!

Seventh, I totally agree- a wonderful twist.

Eighth, I thought it was tension filled if you thought of your own family there- and the silky sweet Aro gave me chills

Ashley Eden:

1) Yea, I am not saying complete details... but some would have been nice... that way she is writing for both her readers... age wise.

2) Close to imprinting? What was? (Sorry didnt quite understand your comeback for that one).

3)Yea... but Bella went through enough change for one book... and I wish Edward had a more positive change... for example, I dont think he had much to do for the baby... as far as holding her, taking her hunting, etc. Not much of a father figure...

4)I doubt she would have been upset... as long as the baby made it... that's all she cared and cares about.

5)Yup, one agreement made lol :-)

6)Me too!!!

7)Added to the book in a good way, most definitely.

8) It creeped me out, but not that much... it all went so perfect... good ending, but could have been better.

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