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The Mall Role Play ((teens only lol))

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~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ((go))

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~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) Alice walked into the pizza shop at the mall and switched the sign to open *sigh*[GOOD THING IM NOT AT HOME]she thought

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Rebecca (Rebbeca_Sultan) | 8 comments she slowly walked to the cashier becuz she felt as if some one was watching her, half way there she trns around and sees no one she countinues walking.... once she is there.....

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Rebecca (Rebbeca_Sultan) | 8 comments a young boy walked in with his girlfriend she was a preppy chick and he was scene...she was all over him and he dident seem to enjoy that. *laughs to herself* i dont know how some one can live with some one they arent happy with* she wispers to herself

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