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Authors Spin Your Own Single With Kindle Singles, a New “Shorts” Publishing Plat

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Aggie Villanueva | 4 comments Just like in their music store, now you don’t have to buy the written whole record, get (or write) the single. Until recently authors had two choices, write it short enough to fit into a magazine/newspaper/blog or long enough for a whole book.Kindle Singles changes all that. It’s a store unto itself now...

Kindle is the first of the e-readers (but not of the mobile publishers) to implement this short publishing form. They most likely established this to keep pace with the vanguard success of mobile publishing — publishing short stories and non-fiction installments for downloading to mobile devices such as the iPhone. If I were Kindle I wouldn’t want my eBooks left out of this colossal market the rest of the article

I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts.

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Lisa Kumar (lisa_kumar) has a similar platform.

Aggie Villanueva | 4 comments Yes, there are lots of app used by mobile publishers. But no mainstream biggie eReaders have ventured here. You're so right, tens of millions have been reading on their mobile devices such as the iPhone, for years now. Because kindle is a major ebook publishing site, they are leading the mainstream way. It's really pretty exciting. No previous books published on kindle outside of kindle singles have ever been marketed to these phones and devices before.

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